Swimming pool in a private house: 30 best design solutions.

Country house with a private pool — it is excellent. After all, swimming is not just a pastime, but also a very useful exercise for man. But we just want to warn you beforehand — if you have really decided to build a swimming pool, the ideal option — is a collaboration with the engineers and architects, as they can give useful advice in this matter, so as not to disturb the design of your home, as well as provide the necessary microclimate. In addition, the first thing you must decide is where you want to see the pool: indoors or you prefer outdoor version in the fresh air? Of course, it is a matter of taste, but it should be noted that the majority still has them outside their house, ie near the building, for example on the plot. However, for those who live in a country house all year round, the pool is probably more relevant on the territory of the house.

If the pool is located in the building
The most appropriate place to build a swimming pool on the territory of your house are basement or cellar, as placing the pool on the upper floors is strictly prohibited, as the consequences can be very undesirable. At best, you can afford a font or a small sauna on the top floor.
If basement is chosen as a place for the swimming pool , it is necessary to remember about engineering communications, for example, the presence of ventilation. By the way, a swimming pool, located inside the house, is much easier to care of, and you can enjoy it all year round, regardless of the weather, what, in fact, it is good with.

If the pool is located on the plot
Placing the pool outside the building certainly has a number of advantages, chief among them — is that finding in it is accompanied by a more active holiday, because swimming takes place in the open air, close to nature. Also, such a wonderful pool complements the various parties with friends, conducted in the house. However, there are downsides. For example, that swimming in the outdoor swimming pool depends on the weather, in spite of the production of the «all-weather» pools that in case of rain or strong wind are covered with the special canopy. In addition, such a pool is more susceptible to contamination of leaves and other litter, ie it is much harder to keep it clean than a swimming pool, located inside the house. Not to mention the possibility of freezing in winter — in order to avoid this you should provide protective measures.