Rectangular outdoor swimming pools.

Typically, outdoor swimming pools are made of rectangular form. This option is easy to implement, easy to fit into the overall landscape design of the site and it is unpretentious in care than their its counterparts of more bizarre forms.

It is much easier to pick up the ambient surroundings and to maintain the harmony of symmetries for simple and correct form. Geometry of the pool and of the atmosphere around creates a sense of stability, practicality and comfort.

As a rule, near the swimming pool is organized a small area for seating and taking air baths. Sunbeds, deck-chairs and sun loungers are mostly placed on wooden deckings or decks.
On the deck, made of wood can be arranged a dining area, which combines the features of the place for rest.
An alternative to the use of wooden flooring is lining of the area near the pool with with stone.

Usage of concrete, artificial or natural stone — it all depends on the taste preferences of households, their lifestyle and budget allocated for the resettlement of space near the pond.
From the viewpoint of appearance, natural and artificial stone is not much different. But if you judge about reliability, endurance, strength and durability, there are no equal to the natural material in usage for finishing of street surfaces.

Stone tiles of light beige shades has a perfect harmony with the pure white finishing of the walls of the house the same sunbeds.
Bright marble is often chosen for decoration around the pool area, it goes well with almost any color decoration of the facade of the main building.
Unusual forms of outdoor pools
If the area allotted for the pool does not allow to place a rectangular or square shape, or simply you want to retreat from the usual geometry, it is possible to organize a body of water outside of arbitrary parameters.
Fabulous view of the pool and design of the space around it, create a truly magical atmosphere. The feeling of presence in a small cozy house near the lake.

Often a small backyard space itself dictates the choice of the form for the pool. The elegant design of the space around the pond adds to the appearance of the area a look of elegant tranquility.
A slight deviation from the traditional symmetrical shape, original design of the wall near the pool — and such a corner for swimming will be a highlight of any patio.

It happens that the swimming pool occupies all the space between buildings of one architectural ensemble. Of course, such a structure would require a lot of effort in terms of care, but such a stunning view is worth it.
Sometimes, the asymmetry of the basin is simply due to location of buildings near the street pond.
And sometimes unusual shape is simply a reflection of the taste preferences of the homeowner.