Stages of Construction of Indoor Swimming Pool

The first step in the construction of the indoor swimming pool is the training ground for the future pool. The amount of such work during the construction of the indoor swimming pool depends on whether the construction of the pool is performed simultaneously with the construction of the house, or it is set in a ready room. Therefore, in each case a project is being developed with absolute individual solutions of possible problems.

Creating a bowl, bookmark items. The most expensive stage in the construction of the indoor swimming pool is the manufacture of the pool deck. The most popular material used in its construction, is considered the concrete.

Installation of form-work After the fitting pieces are already installed begins the installation of the form-work This is a very difficult and crucial stage. The accuracy and correctness of performance of this type of work depends on the cost of materials to further align the cup for the correctness of its structure.

Reinforcement. On completion of the installation of the form-work begin work on reinforcement. This stage is losing its relevance if the bowl is set to firm ground. True to greater confidence in the strength of the structure is still recommended to its reinforcement. And finally the stage of concreting. This stage involves a phased concreting of walls, bottoms.

Waterproofing. The following work that await us, works on waterproofing of the pool. By getting rid of the form-work, begin work on sealing the bowl. The main task of this stage — to put on the surface of the cup waterproof coating, which can withstand the load in case of cracking. Usually to achieve this effect the bowl is impregnated with a variety of special solutions. After concreting the bowl obscure special impregnations in advance of the treated surface means for opening the pores of the concrete.
Finish. Finally, the most enjoyable stage in the construction of the indoor swimming pool — finishing. It can perform a variety of tiles, reinforced film, colored mosaics and the typical coloring. The most budget option in the painting and decorating can be simple staining paint having resistance to chlorine. However, this type of finish has a significant drawback — it is very short-lived. Lifetime of coloration is less than 4 years. More durable finish is considered to be reinforced polymer film. It will last up to fifteen years, the only its disadvantage — a small selection of colors. And finally, the most durable and expensive finishing material — this tiles or mosaics. Basically, choose light blue, blue and white colors. And when choosing a mosaic, it is placed in the form of panels, not only in the inner surface of the bowl, and its elements are used in the decoration of the room where the pool is located.

Finishing stage — the grout of the tile joints. For this are used epoxy grout. They are waterproof, contain elements that prevent the occurrence of molds and fungi, are highly resistant to the constituents of the water.