Swimming Pool in a Country House

Swimming pool in a country house. Country house with pool today, is not uncommon. Although it is not a cheap construction ant its building carried out with difficulties, people will not give up fun to be able to swim in the pool for their own health and comfort.

Indoor swimming pool allows you to enjoy the benefits of water treatments in winter and summer, and in any weather. Outdoor pool limits the time of using, you can only swim in it in the warm season. No matter which swimming pool in a country house you have decided to arrange you should approach to this issue with a big responsibility.

General requirements for the installation
For indoor, and outdoor swimming pool at the site of a country house should be taken into account the results of geotechnical studies that were conducted for the construction of the house. You will need the conclusion of experts on the possibility of the installation of the pool. They should be based on data about the level of the aquifer, the depth of soil freezing, the properties of soils and rocks, in which will be located the pool deck.
In case of neglecting these characteristics of soil and water at the site, there may be progress of soil, which can lead to curvature of the bowl, a violation of its integrity. It will be a disaster, because the leakage of water under the foundation of the house will lead to its destruction, and the pool will still have to be rebuilt.

A common requirement in the intention to build a swimming pool is thinking through options on the flow of water into the tank and drain it. In order to fill the pool on the area should be a water supply, therefore, you will need water networks. You can solve this problem with the help of the well, which is usually drilled at the site for the water supply. Harder is the case with drain water out of the pool. If you do not do the right drain system, land is waterlogged in one summer. Fun will change to a lot of problems, and the mood of home owners will not be the best.