Original pools: 10 design ideas.

Summer — is a hot time, and need to freshen up becomes a necessity. Pools often perform a purely practical function, and does not serve as a decoration, and sometimes even on the contrary: the same type inflatable pools, bulky plastic pools and unattractive stationary ones — they are not pleasing the eye. But why not to combine useful with pleasant? We offer a few ideas that will inspire you and help to transform the pool in most unusual way.

1. Swimming pools of unusual shape
This is perhaps the most obvious and primary option which you should perform in the very early stages of building a swimming pool. Space for imagination is great, from the unusual geometric forms to complete certain subjects. To make your idea more convincing and plausible and complete the image, use the backlight, drawings at the bottom and accessories; all this — below.

2. Swimming pool with transparent walls
To build such a pool is possible by means of glass or acrylic panels integrated into the concrete walls. You can make transparent several walls or restrict with inserts portholes.

3. Swimming pool-bar
A very bright and functional solution — to design a small bar so that you can sip cool cocktails without leaving the water.

4. A long narrow pool
Such a minimalistic type of pool is ideal for areas with limited space. This narrow pools look very stylish.

5. Lagoon-style pool
Trees providing shade, waterfalls, scenic boulders and possibly small islands — all these will help you to turn your pool into a piece of paradise.
6. Swimming pool with drawings at the bottom
Photo tiles or special coating with lacquer coated pattern will help to realize any of your artistic idea.

7. Swimming pool with illumination
Another option of decoration as of the bottom and the pool as a whole — illumination. There are many options: LED strip, lamps of underwater lighting, spotlights. In addition to decorative function lighting serves for comfort: it will be much more comfortable and safer to swim in the dark.

8. Swimming pool over the precipice
Designers have long ago inspired by the example of swimming pools on the roofs of high-rise buildings, mainly hotels and casinos. If the terrain allows, why not to make a pool where swimming will capture the spirit? To implement this idea will also fit a low hill.

9. Two-in-one
A pretty attractive solution — to attach in addition to the main pool another one small and differing of water quality: for example, the Jacuzzi or with seawater. Such mini-pool can be positioned both sideways, and inside the main body of water.

10. Swimming pool with slides
This option will appeal to both children and adults. Slides — this is interesting design, and fun pastime in one bottle.