Material to make a backsplash for kitchen of.
If we talk about the materials for making a backsplash, we should highlight the favorites, that have earned the propitiousness of fastidious audience. Each of the candidates has a fair amount of pros, and hence to choose a worthy candidate you will have to spend a lot of time.

A timeless classic — TILES
Despite the fact that materials for making a backsplash for kitchen are abound, tiles is not going to concede the leading position. This circumstance is due to the valuable qualities — resistance to chemical, mechanical stress and temperature changes, easy to maintain and willingness to please the perfect appearance for decades.
Ceramic tiles — the most popular material for backsplash
If before tiles could hardly have hit with a variety of color and texture, today the situation has changed — it will not be difficult to select a tile to any color, size and budget. Manufacturers offer discerning customers interesting collections, complemented by mosaic — you can revet niche, create designs and patterns.

Natural or artificial stone will appeal to those who crave luxury. Backsplash and countertops made of this material, give the interior solidity and rich look. Most often are used granite, basalt, marble.
Kitchen backsplash made of stone, looks respectable and refined
Granite is characterized by high strength and minimal water absorption, and fine texture provides a unique opportunity to fill the kitchen with natural splendor.
Marble — more porous and therefore less moisture-resistant material. However, this slight defect is easily eliminated by a high-quality polishing.
To get rid of the monotony will help accent inserts, close to the base material in texture and color.
No less expressive, but much cheaper, is backsplash made of artificial stone, which is made of colored pigments, acrylic resin and mineral filler. The lack of long, low moisture absorption, ease of care and seamless during bonding — are the main «trump card» of the achievements of modern industry.
Under the category of «artificial stone» litoceramics- fashionable nowadays, falls. It has lightweight and geometrically verified dimensions. Possibility of bonding on tile adhesive makes installation quick and easy. Installing of a kitchen backsplash will not take long.

Practicability of MDF
Backslplash made of MDF — is an attractive and economical way to protect the walls, which is ideal in the presence of similar material countertops.
Some believe that MDF — is harmful, but it is not. In the production are not used epoxy resins is not applied and phenol, and as the binder component acts lignin — substance formed by heating the wood.

Backsplash of MDF — a cost-effective solution for design work area with which will handle even a novice builder
There is also indisputable advantage — the absence of the need for alignment of the walls, the permissibility of the installation by means of liquid nails and clips.