House Plans Kerala Style Below 1000 Square Feet

Most of modern people live in city apartments. At the same time almost everyone though just once and dreamed of the private house or a country cottage. To realize such project, you need to have an idea of what is design of the house.

Only on the basis of the detailed project which considers current trends it is possible to receive desirable result. To have broader idea about interior design of the private house, it is necessary to consider its features in more detail. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that several parts of the general project House Plans Kerala Style Below 1000 Square Feet are important at once:

  • interior design in the house, including arrangement of kitchen, a drawing room (hall), a bathroom, hall, the dining room, a verandah and other rooms;
  • style registration outside. And, it should be considered regardless of that, you build or whether a beautiful two-storage cottage of the big size or a small wooden one-storage lodge. Appearance depends on style and material of walls (wooden, including from a bar and logs, brick, from blocks and so on), options of a facade, a roof, on what windows you decided to establish and so on.
  • planning of the territory in the foreyard which assumes landscaping of the site, installation of garden furniture, arrangement of a lawn, beds, street lighting, and at desire and a kitchen garden.

Anyway, the main task which faces you when you would develop design of a country cottage or the house is creation of a cozy situation inside and pleasant appearance outside. Meanwhile, let’s stop a little more in details on the description of the most widespread styles which are used at registration of an interior, exterior and landscape

Types of interiors

The interior of the house can be executed in this or that style. Let’s consider the main options.


This interior style is widely known thanks to its features which are described in the name. The matter is that he assumes the minimum use of all patterns and ornaments, and very limited quantity of the allocated elements of external finishing, whether it be a facade, decoration of windows (including registration of sites around them).

Using of the flowers relating to light color scale is characteristic of such style. It allows to achieve feeling of more free space. By the way, advantages of this style are in more detail described in the article «Design of a Bathroom» where ways of correction of limited space in small and close bathrooms in five-storey apartment blocks are described. And so, the main characteristics of minimalistic approach in design of houses are:

  • Widespread use of monochrome color scale.
  • Using of natural texture of materials of finishing.
  • The minimum using of furniture which is simple and laconic.
  • Simple and accurate lines of internal finishing of rooms.
  • Use of such modern materials as thick glass, metals (aluminum, stainless steel), and also wood is frequent.
  • Lack of heaps and a large number of things in an interior.

East style

If to speak shortly about an interior of houses in east style, then arrangement in that sense as it is traditionally understood in Japan and China at once occurs. Abundance of materials of a natural origin, drawings of the nature, birds and animals.

It is possible to refer the Arab style to one of kinds of east design. If to be more exact, then it unites in itself(himself) the lines inherent for structures and arrangement of internal space not only the Arab countries, but also in general, all Middle East region, beginning from Turkey and finishing with Iran.

It means existence of wall-paper or other elements of a decor which would have images of beautiful florid plants. Besides, there will be superfluous also no such lines as figured east ornaments. As for pictures with animals and people, it is necessary to remember that in Islamic tradition similar is forbidden as on it there are instructions in the Koran. But a variety of shades is welcomed. One of the most typical flowers is azure, especially in combination with small gold details.

Ultramodern hi-tech

Partly this style is similar to the minimalistic approach mentioned slightly above. Rather reserved lines and high level of functionality of all details in an interior are characteristic of it. There are its main characteristics:

  • Simplicity of lines and free space.
  • Modern finishing materials (metal, glass, porcelain tile and other).
  • A large number of modern gadgets and the equipment with innovative design.