1 Million Pesos House Design Philippines.

The design of elite houses is smart and rich. In most cases it is a merit of professional designers, but if to know some main tendencies and receptions, and then it is possible to create it independently.

What has to be design of elite houses?

What qualities the design of the most elite houses has? There are its main lines:

Using of high-quality, harmless and environmentally friendly finishing materials. Of course, in the majority they are expensive, but if to choose such, then it will be possible not to worry about health of residents of the house and not to worry about repair in the next several years.

Convenience, practicality and comfort. Successful people often are very busy and therefore especially appreciate all these qualities, coming home, there are wishes to relax, feel heat of a home and with pleasure to spend time with relatives. And it is possible to achieve the maximum comfort by means of optimum planning, the most functional furniture and other elements of an interior.

Identity. It has to be traced literally in everything. First of all, it is worth choosing style and in it to sustain all interior of the house. On a photo, it is possible to see the elite houses often issued in one direction and it does not mean that all rooms will be identical. Yes, they are similar, but at the same time registration can differ on tones, the prevailing invoices, furniture.

Originality. Many consider that it it also is identity, and partly it so. But originality also allows to be surprised, admire an interior. The design has to be interesting, creative and bright therefore it is possible and it is necessary to use the most daring ideas, to experiment and dream.

Functionality and compatibility of all elements of an interior 1 Million Pesos House Design Philippines . In the elite house each thing has mission. And let it looks smartly and it seems as if it is used only for a decor, actually it not so. Besides, all elements are combined among themselves, and to achieve it sometimes happens very difficult. IP видеонаблюдение


Planning has to provide maximum comfort to all to residents of the house. In a prestigious mansion for certain there will be more than one floor, and it is in that case better on top to arrange bedrooms that inhabitants could relax and sleep peacefully at any time. It is desirable to place a bathroom on each floor to provide convenience. At the first level public rooms can be located: restrooms, drawing room, kitchen. On the first floor it is possible to place, for example, the gym, and also technical and utilitarian rooms: garage, storeroom, laundry, boiler.

Pay attention and to zoning. You should not do it obvious, it will allow to turn space in air and easy. Where it is possible to refuse doors, make it, and equip arch passes. Also for division into zones it is possible to use colors and lighting.