Bungalow House Roof Design Philippines.

When the conversation comes about a Bungalow House Roof Design Philippines, almost each person slightly pensively sighs, anticipating sweet rest and lazy serenity. This remarkable style became a synonym of resort mood and proximity to the nature, nevertheless, such interior direction is typical also for city apartments. Using style of a bungalow in an interior of your house, you can create a heavenly spot for a relaxation after labor everyday life and receive a charismatic and cozy situation.

There are some lines which are inherent only in houses in style of a bungalow, as distinguishes this interior style, doing it isolated both from a country, and from ethnic style. Despite unity of the general idea, making out a house interior in style of a bungalow, the main thing to adhere to the main criteria which are peculiar only to this style:

Low ceiling. The house or the room in style of a bungalow have to be made out only if the room initially was low and stocky as huts of Indians with high ceilings just do not exist in the nature. And in order that your house absorbed a horizontal orientation, characteristic of style of a bungalow, it is necessary to move apart borders in breadth.

Lack of ladders. In the house where only one floor, there is no need for ladders, and this fact should be considered at registration of rooms in this style.

The natural materials used for a dwelling situation. It is a lot of natural wood of reddish shades, perhaps, the stone center, skin, a bamboo and a rattan, flax and cotton, skin and a bone.

All rooms near a drawing room! All living rooms of the house are located around the centralized drawing room. The maximum number of living space on one floor — is the slogan of builders of that time.

Rationalism. All inhabited space is used most effectively, there is no empty area. Everything is simple and laconic.

Furniture minimum. Furniture for storage built in, the free place is taken away only under a bed, tables and furniture for sitting. And all products have to be lungs.

There are no excess accessories. If there is desire to place accents, decorating an interior in style of a bungalow, it is the best of all to use several bright things made manually of natural materials. It can be a cache-pot with a flower, homespun bright textiles, ethnic motives in ware. Also the scalp of the enemy will approach.

Bungalow is a hut from a wood therefore the long wooden boards tinted in shades of natural wood will ideally lay down on floors. A floor has to be from a natural tree, brutal and a little exaggeratedly rough. Some textile jewelry is relevant to a floor, for example, a skin of animals, a bamboo mat or a carpet from natural materials.

Windows to the floor, so-called «French» will be the ideal decision, but there is nothing basic in it. Both heavy dense curtains and white linen or translucent curtains which can be used also for creation of a canopy in a sleeping zone will be suitable for registration of windows. The option of bamboo or wooden blinds will be suitable for fans of minimalism.