Ground Floor House Elevation Design.

Many people do not even imagine how useful, functional and cozy can be the ground floor. The Ground Floor House Elevation Design cannot concede on beauty and originality to the top rooms at all.

It is only necessary not to forget that there are «three whales» on which based comfortable use of the basement floor. There are a waterproofing, lighting, and ventilation — you should pay the greatest attention to their performance.

The space of the cellar is formed by base walls of the building which «in combination» can be also the base. But most often, they lean on base reinforced concrete plates, or on a monolithic tape.

Height of walls of the cellar depends on the level of base deepening. The first floor can be called basement only if it is buried in soil at least to a half of the height.

If the perimeter of the cellar corresponds to the full size of the house, and it rather big, then, by the minus of technical room, there is more free area which can be used at discretion.

If there only 2 m-2,2 of m, then except a boiler room, a laundry and the greenhouse, nothing in the cellar you can think up. At least 2,5 m has to be initially put in the project to locate premises in the underground floor. It is necessary to think in advance how you will use the basement.

Height is necessary not only for comfortable staying people in it, but also for installation of a false ceiling without which it is difficult to make normal lighting in the cellar. Daylight there practically does not get and if it also is, then in insufficient quantity.

For the solution of this problem, build in big flat lamps ceilings, or insert the glazed framework with internal lighting.

As an additional light source dot lamps are mounted on all area of a ceiling, or on its perimeter. Besides, in walls and ceilings arrange decorative niches with illumination that not only improves insolation of the room, but also visually compensates lack of windows in it.

There are also many excellent ideas for the basement. For example — arrangement in it the home theater.

Daylight is not necessary to such room at all – enough only small illumination. Respectively, the false ceiling can be not established, and just to rivet basic overlapping by a stopper.

Design of rooms, and also finishing materials for their registration, are selected, proceeding from their concrete appointment. What is a key element of an interior of the basement floor? So it is a ladder – it has to be not only beautiful, but also convenient for movement.