Bungalow House Plans Designs Kenya

The word «bungalow» translated from Hindi as the one-storage house with a flat roof and a big verandah intended for all family. Style of a bungalow in an interior is a respect for traditional American traditions of 

As a rule the interior in style of a bungalow is saturated natural shades and natural materials. Considerable impact on style of a bungalow was exerted in due time by missionary style. In such interior the dominating place is taken by the registration similar to furniture of simple rural houses.

Bungalow House Plans Designs Kenya differs in excellent safety. In case of fire or other emergency to leaving the house will not present complexity through doors and windows. A certain convenience to elderly people and housewives with small children provides absence of ladders in the interior.

The bungalow looks simply and modestly, but, strangely enough, for many people it is the ideal dwelling. Inhabitants of big high-rise buildings, moving to own bungalow, begin to appreciate environmental friendliness of the house, its simplicity and space near the dwelling.

Choosing colors, designers advise to remember a view of the desert – white sand, the gold sun at sunset.

In decoration of the walls it is possible to use practically different materials – paint, wall-paper, decorative and simple plaster, fabrics. The surface can be made monochrome, vegetable ornaments looks not bad, but patterns should not be large and elaborate. Walls, floor and a ceiling should not take away too much attention on themselves.

At registration of kitchen and a hall the compositions executed by means of an open bricklaying look successfully. However at the same time red color is undesirable, in kitchen it is possible to use light shades of ochre, and grey color looks good in a hall.

The bungalow style does not force to refuse favorite objects and things, replacing them only with analogs from wood. Products, simple in a form, from plastic and metal also organically look in a bungalow style interior. It is important to remember that pieces of furniture in different in styles from natural materials is not always successfully combined among them, therefore it is necessary to show special talent at the choice of internal furniture. It is necessary to remember that first of all style of a bungalow must be simple.