House Elevation Design Pictures

The interior of a country house has to be very cozy and comfortable. Elite houses it is too much expensive, but it is possible to build the house of economy class, for example, frame or of a usual bar. At the same time it is possible to create beautiful design indoors without big financial investments.

The main thing at registration of an interior of a country house is a rational organization of space for comfortable accommodation. Besides standard rooms, such, as: a drawing room, a bedroom, kitchen it is possible to provide the entertaining room for children with numerous horizontal bars, swing and hills in the house. It is possible to build the pool, sauna or the billiard room.

One more advantage of construction of a country house is a possibility of the choice of the sizes and forms of rooms. It is possible to create the wide kitchen where guests at a big table will gather and all modern household appliances will easily be located. It is possible to use fashionable methods of zoning in the drawing room.

As decor elements in cottages you can use various sculptures, big vases and pictures. The family photos located on shelves or over a fireplace will make a house interior cozy.

In the country it is possible to embody all your dreams and the design ideas in a cottage. Choosing the style decision for the house, first of all it is necessary to consider the preferences and opinions of a family, and then fashionable tendencies. The following is considered as traditional styles which are ideal for country houses:

  • Country;
  • Chalet;
  • Provence.

Style of a country, especially if the house wooden is ideal for fans of rural color and judges of family traditions. Characteristics of this style are simplicity of finishing and using of natural materials (generally wood). There should not be modern materials, namely glass, metal and plastic.

Light and pastel tone of walls in Provence style creates the unique atmosphere of country coziness. Natural materials and flower motives are indispensable attributes of fashionable French style Provence. Beautiful sofas with «skirts» and round wooden armrests will be ideal for a drawing room; chairs have to be in harmony with a sofa. They can be, for example, wattled.

Fantastic Swiss style of a chalet is ideal for wooden houses as the minimum finishing will be required. It submits the simplicity and special charm, refinement and nobility. A floor and ceilings have to be wooden. At the same time beams on a ceiling do not need to be hidden.

If you want to see how this styles looks on your own eyes, search for House Elevation Design Pictures.