Bungalow House Design With Rooftop.

The bungalow is the lodge on a bosom of the pure, untouched nature built from a wood or a stone and covered with a straw roof. Design of a bungalow today, it is responsibly possible to call one of the most successful embodiments of a convenient and cozy historical interior. The house in similar style is a sign of special taste of the owner. The bungalow is a dwelling for leisure of the British aristocrats, and this direction of interior fashion was not without elements of bourgeois luxury. Inspired by tents, the English cottages and such exotic Persian verandahs, builders of the first bungalows placed the dining room, a bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom around the central drawing room and thus created the main plan of a Bungalow House Design With Rooftop, having left only some improvements on a share of followers. Historically in design of rooms it is inherent not only upholstered classical furniture and abundance of chiffon, but also the magnificent varnished floor. Thought up and thought over for small houses, style of a bungalow creates feeling of spaciousness, organically fits both into apartments, and into big country houses. In style — to use the most important many natural and eco-friendly materials, for a scope and coziness.

Main accents of an interior of style of a bungalow:

The house mainly one-storage, occasionally, with a penthouse, the small area, lack of ladders, a maximum of living space in the house, a low ceiling. In style of a bungalow — the room initially low and stocky. All rooms, and also a bathroom and kitchen are located around the general drawing room.

It is a lot of natural tree of reddish shades, perhaps, the stone center, a bamboo and a rattan, flax and cotton, skin and a bone. Rafters, ceiling beams, a floor, a chimney board, protections, columns — all this has to be made of a tree.

Furniture has to be easy and made of straw or a bamboo. Use of vintage furniture in new houses will help to make them warmer. Put in the center easy furniture for a drawing room, a small coffee-table, cozy chairs, on a floor a homespun woolen carpet, nearby a small exotic tree.

Color scale of style — natural. All shades of a tree, greens, water, sand, and stone. Bright yellow imitates the sun, white — sand in the desert, blue — the sky. Here will be pertinent as well non-standard colors, for example, violet or dark and claret. Beautifully looks combinations of the light tones bringing ease in an interior, and dark, giving it validity and warmth.

Windows should be closed heavy curtains, and fabric can be badly processed and rough, or it is possible to use light and air organza, in several layers. Instead of classical woven curtains it is possible to use, for example, blinds of a tree — it will make a situation in some rooms more natural.

Existence of some elements of a decor will help to emphasize style of a bungalow: a mask on a wall, a table from branches or the whole log, a plaid or pillows with the print imitating color of hair of animal.