Rest House Design Architect Philippines

The separate lodge for guests is a sign of good form and the careful owner. Such decision will be much more convenient, than the guest room in the main house. To spend one night or days off in the country quite perhaps and under the same roof, and here when guests come for all summer or other long period, separate lodges for rest will be the best decision.

Various projects and plannings offer arrangement of houses of different types. It is possible to pick up the suitable project. It can be a small garden lodge without heating or the house combined with a bath or the small cozy house for all-weather accommodation.

It is worth thinking of such construction first of all that whose sites are located in an environment of the picturesque nature, in places of geographical and historical sites or just in the successful climatic region, for example, in the South or near the sea.

The Rest House Design Architect Philippines can be also necessary for owners of a huge number of relatives and friends who often come to stay for a while not for one week for rest.

This separate, absolutely autonomous building which is located on some removal from the master’s house. Depending on appointment, the guest lodge can be various sizes and with the different number of internal rooms. Its task to provide with rather comfortable temporary accommodation of visitors.

Internal planning of the house can be very different. Depending on the chosen project, in the house there can be following rooms:

  • platform;
  • hall;
  • the room for rest and a dream;
  • kitchen zone;
  • Bathroom.

The room for rest will be the obligatory room without which any project of a guest lodge will not do. All other rooms of an optional. For example, projects of guest apartments may contain a small kitchen zone or to completely exclude it.

It depends on opportunities of the main house and desire of owners to prepare daily for all guests or to provide own kitchen in their use.

To choose easy summer projects of houses or capital, depends on when to you most often there come visitors. If they are attracted by a summer season because from you to the sea several minutes of walking, then quite will approach not heated small lodge.

And if attracts guests ski resorts or the primitive nature and the Russian bath, then it is worth thinking of construction of the heated guest apartments, though small.

Lodges for rest can be not only a sign of good form and exclusive hospitality. If the site is located in the territory which is often visited by tourists, it is possible also to earn from it.

Leasing several such lodges all the year round or seasonally, it is possible to gain quite good passive income.