House Elevation Design Single Floor

The modern design of small construction has to maintain simplicity in planning, unite all rooms on the floor-by-floor plan at the same time. The biggest idea of modern design consists of decorating each room on its direct appointment and to sustain minimalist style. Lack of walls between the dining room and a drawing room is the widespread phenomenon in modern design of houses as the space opens and the area increases.

Other popular styles for House Elevation Design Single Floor include country and cottage motives. The design of a small country house has to include such features as a big forward verandah, a pediment roof with dormer-windows and an internal interior (a fireplace from a brick, wooden furniture). Natural elements, such as a stone and wood, have to be included in such design to create the house cozier.

Though country style usually introduces an image of old farmer houses, this style is very many-sided and includes the Victorian houses and cottages.

Planning of a small cottage is very similar to country style and has to include wooden overlapping with beautifully framed windows and a wooden carving. When finishing an internal part of the house use chess fabric, striate and flower patterns, and also dimly painted walls for giving to the room comfortable look. As soon as you decided on the general style and planning of your house, time to concentrate on certain rooms and decorating.

The most popular idea of planning the room includes embedding of necessary blocks in walls, using of the natural bright light, and open space. Features of planning, registration, color scale best of all work at very small sites therefore do not forget to consider it in advance. One of the most popular rooms in the house subject to reconstruction is the bathroom. It occupies the small space and it is easy to repair it, however there are some restrictions at its registration.

The popular ideas of design of the bathrooms are concentrated on ensuring openness of space and using of multipurpose details, such as a shower cabin, a sink with a dressing table and boxes below. For small bathrooms subtle color shades have to be used to create light space. Besides, natural lighting or the bright lamp create illusion of the bigger area of the room. If you are not sure of how to decorate your house, the ideas of interior design and the photo can be found in the Internet.