YOU CAN DO IT EASY. How to green your house: Potted plants in interior.

Creating interior of home, many think: whether to decorate the room with plants as it does not spoil the overall picture? We easily answer this question: Is it worth! And how to make so that stressed the beauty of flowers design, we will tell you in this article.

So, indoor plants not only add comfort and warmth to your home, but also bring in a bit of wildlife and allow you to relax after a hard day. Their main advantage is that they will fit perfectly into any classic or modern interior. One only when decorating to follow some rules.
When choosing plants must take into account the size of the room. For example, for decorating small spaces are ideal for long and narrow flowers; They visually make higher ceilings. For spacious rooms should choose herbs with large leaves. Excellent choice — dracaena or pipal.
Group compositions will fit into the long (extended) premises, though it may be bands of flowers of different sizes. However, it should refrain from plants with flowing branches: they can visually narrow the room and «play» is not in your favor.

When selecting plants also it is necessary to take into account color scheme of the room. Most of flora will look excellent on the background light walls and plain, but the beauty and originality of the colorful plants emphasize the dark environment. If your house wallpaper with floral ornaments, in this case, better to prefer flowers with large leaves and refrain from plants with small leaves.

Kitchen — perhaps the most favorable room for fresh flowers, since there is always sufficient light and moisture. But it is worth remembering that you are cooking in the kitchen, so flowers should be thermophilic. More beautiful than all the kitchen will feel pipal, Chlorophytum, ivy, aloe, spiderwort, asparagus, which are easy to survive in conditions of constant temperature changes.

Living room
The most spacious room in the house — the living room — as a rule, have already put large flowers with broad leaves and branches flowing. Of course, they take up a lot of space, but the room is filled with comfort and originality. Excellent in the living room will look and fresh cut flowers in a vase.

Bedroom — it’s the most comfortable room in the house, which should be decorated with fresh flowers with extreme caution. It is necessary to avoid flowers with a strong aroma, otherwise it threatens you with migraine in the morning. Lily and Ferns absorb oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide, so they are dangerous to the place where you relax. But aloe, kalanchoe create an excellent microclimate. The bedroom also will look great outdoor plants such as flowers or small, can beautify the bedside table or windowsill.
The main thing is to remember that flowers — are living beings that require care and attention. If you are willing to assume responsibility for their youthful appearance, feel free to Plant for your home and create a welcoming atmosphere in it, and the flora you will certainly help in this.