Wooden deck

Construction of the elevated wooden deck for relaxing, sunbathing and dining outdoors requires mastering with some carpentry skills. The basis of the deck are wooden sections laid on the ground, slabs or concrete foundation. If it is raised on piles, add stair railings, pergola or awning, and it turns into a traditional veranda. You can change the proposed project or to build a deck by yourself using our recommendations.

Adjacent to the house a raised wooden deck with pergola, providing shade, perfectly complements the house, creating a space for relaxing and dining outdoors. The surface of the deck of the wooden panels with a small gap for rainwater is much more comfortable then a concrete pavement. Decks set on strong supporting pillars, screwed with bolts to the base plate. This method allows you to build decks and in the presence of bias, since the height of the column can be adjusted to provide a horizontal platform.

Planning the construction
First, decide for what purpose you need a deck to clarify its dimensions, if you will dinner there, you need to provide enough space for table, chairs and a free pass, and if the to sunbathe — for a number of sun loungers.
Imagine how it deck will look near the house: a very narrow deck, for example, no wider than 3 meters, which extends 6 meters on the wall will remind a beach pier. Deck of such a width with a corresponding length along the entire wall of the house will look a lot better. Square deck looks spectacular in the angular arrangement between two adjacent walls of the house.

When planning your deck, especially upbeat, consider how it will be viewed from the upper floors of nearby houses and if it will occlude the sun for neighbors.

Draw a garden plan in scale on graph paper, noting the intended location and dimensions of the deck, as well as all the necessary details during its construction. Draw its side view for denoting the slope: if deck will not be built on the sloping site, you need to choose the right height of the supporting pillars to provide a horizontal surface.