Window Styles For Hot Climate Photos

When the sun shines in the morning or in the evening, it causes not a lot of discomfort as the lunch sun. In the first case there will be enough blinds or usual rolled curtains. But if the sun which is too baking, then it is necessary to look for other options of protection against a heat in the apartment.

Of course, many can say that for protection against the sun there will be enough blinds, but all of them equally allow a part of beams into the room and those warm up air, in the room becomes very stuffy. It is possible to tell that between a double-glazed window and blinds the hot pillow through which air in the room begins to heat up begins to be formed.

Old (usual) solution:

To solve this unpleasant problem, today it is possible to find special plastic windows which reflect the sun. At first it were usual double-glazed windows with existence of a thin tinted film. Such films perfectly reflect the sun, but along with that, they had many negative moments.

The first shortcoming Window Styles For Hot Climate Photos was the fact that the film did not pass ultraviolet, and it negatively influenced plants which were on a window sill. Besides, it distorted color and when on the street cloudy weather, in the room it becomes very dark. Therefore, it is not desirable to use double-glazed windows with toning in living rooms, but they will be ideal for office.

Today’s (modern) solution:

Began to release double-glazed windows with a special sun-protection dusting a little more than six years ago. If to consider pluses of such invention, then to carry the next moments to them:

1. Glass of this kind does not influence color and at all it does not distort it, completely transparent, and it is possible to notice a difference between it and usual glass only at careful comparison.

2. The double-glazed window misses about 85% of ultraviolet rays, and it means that flowers will feel just perfectly on a window sill.

3. The most important plus which made these windows so popular is that they will be able to detain about 45% of hot beams of the sun.

4. It is possible to carry to the positive moments also what over time under the influence of the sun curtains do not begin to burn out. The reflecting double-glazed windows are better to establish the sun and not to change every year or two curtains — it will allow to save the family budget significantly.

Modern windows of this kind allow to reduce temperature indoors approximately by 5 degrees, and to make air not such hot and dry.

It should be noted that Window Styles For Hot Climate Photos double-glazed windows of this kind as well as possible will be suitable for installation on those balconies which are located on sunny side. In hot weather temperature on a balcony can reach just improbable point, and the double-glazed windows reflecting the sun will help to reduce significantly temperature and to make stay on a balcony possible. If to use blinds then on a balcony there will be quite normal and even cool temperature.

If you installed the conditioner, then

If in the room you installed the conditioner, then similar double-glazed windows will allow you to save on electric energy considerably. For anybody there is secret no fact that it is simpler to heat cold air, than to cool hot. As numerous practice shows, at installation of windows with a special dusting quite really to save about 20-40% of electric energy.

One more huge plus is the fact that except protection against the sun the dusting of glass has also energy saving effect. Thus, in winter time, the double-glazed window does not allow to release heat from the room and maintains comfortable temperature. In our company you will be able to get qualitative plastic windows about the sun the reflecting dusting.