Where to put the BBQ oven?

If you have chosen a fixed version of the oven for your land or yard, then look closely at the the location where you are going to place your machine. If you plan on placing the barbecue area in an already finished landscaping the territory around the house, then choose a suitable place to be a bit more complicated. When you start to plan improvement area by the house — you can choose the place, taking into account all the features of the unit and convenience for both hosts and guests.

The oven should ideally fit into the overall fabric of homeownership and landscape design, combined with the architecture of the surrounding buildings and green spaces, it is desirable that a barbecue area done with garden lanes.

Try to arrange a barbecue area closer to the arbor, stationary awning or covered veranda. This precaution will help you in bad weather. In this case, it will be possible not to stop party to continue the meal under the roof.
If you have in the area no building with a roof protecting from weather and sunlight, it is recommended to install the oven barbecue in a place where it remains free space to install the garden dining group — tables and chairs or armchairs.

Following uncomplicated rules, you will be able to choose a safe and practical place for placing a barbecue:
• it is desirable to arrange the barbecue area in the place where the smoke from it will not fall on the playground or recreation area (check with the wind rose in your area);
• an open barbecue oven is not recommended to be placed in close proximity to the house (in terms of fire);
• it would be better not to have trees near the stove, at least, you need to attend to, so that was not around the branches of bushes or trees;
• Do not install oven on the lawn (grass will quickly be damaged) you should equip a platform, paved with stone, tile or brick. In some cases, barbecue can be installed on a wooden platform or deck;
• Do not place the barbecue area near the fence of neighbors, it is not only can provoke a conflict, but also to attract uninvited guests to the smell of delicious dishes; • Do not leave flammable materials near the barbecue area.

You will also need to take care of lighting the barbecue area. In this case, your fantasies and possibilities there is no limit — you can use wall street lights, garlands, LED lighting, rechargeable lamps powered by solar energy (note that their light is very dim).