What wallpapers to choose for bath.

As a wall covering in the bathroom most people used to see practical tile that has the advantage of giving her the right to be called a universal material, especially in areas with high humidity.
And yet, instead of tiles, or in addition to it, use the wallpaper in the bathroom — they are available and help to diversify the interior due to its variety of textures and patterns. What wallpapers are best suited for use in wet environments — will speak on.

Types of wallpaper for the bathroom

Vinyl wallpapers
This type of wallpaper is manufactured on the base of polymers, are not afraid of moisture and even water. A wide variety of exquisite patterns, of course, has become one of the advantages of vinyl wallpaper, but their cost is high enough to build this kind of wallpaper for the bathroom to the rank of elite materials for walls. Remember that for vinyl wallpaper you should choose a suitable adhesive; water resistant, high degree of adhesion.

Waterproof washable wallpaper
From the title it is clear that this kind of wallpaper endures washing and humid environment, in general. This is because the surface of the coil is protected by a special waterproof film, which protects the material against moisture and water. Of course, water-resistant wallpaper can be washed and cleaned, so the tub will always look well-groomed. Clay is also necessary to choose moisture-resistant, with anti-fungal fillers and a sufficient degree of adhesion.

The film
PVC foil wallpaper is difficult to call, but rather a decorative covering for walls made of synthetic materials, therefore they are not afraid of moisture.
The main advantage of the film is that it is self-adhesive, which means that time and effort on the design of the walls will take less than half in the wallpapering.

Oilcloth instead of wallpaper
Another analogue of the wallpaper in the room bathroom, also made on a synthetic basis. Apply the material to the walls using a universal adhesive, after brushing the surface of the ground.
In the process of bonding may be problems with the joints, and that then they did not disperse, use paper strips over the seams glued to the wall strips and leave to dry rolls.

Glass fiber wallpaper
An interesting and very practical type of wallpaper, which is made on the basis of glass, so the surface of the walls is sure to be water resistant. In addition, glass has a beautiful texture, and can be painted. The cost of this kind of wallpaper can be compared, for example, with vinyl, so the bathroom renovation cost is not cheap.