What to set the oven BBQ for?

In simple terms, the barbecue — it is a street version of the fireplace. Here only the main function of such a furnace is not heating and cooking a variety of dishes on the fire. Another latent functional loading furnace for a barbecue can be called a collection of all the guests and family members around them for gatherings and socializing.

In contrast to the brazier, oven barbecue can be used in any weather, it is protected from wind, rain, and all other manifestations of the weather. Another convenience of the unit — you can be in close proximity and not worry about your own safety and the prospect become impregnated with smoke.

Aside from the obvious functional, a barbecue area can be a decoration for your summer cottage, yard of a private house or even a roof of a city apartment. Cottage with barbecue — this is not a plantation from the garden where you want to come with the prospect of heavy physical labor, it is a comfortable and friendly suburban household to relax with family, friends and loved ones.

Homeowners equipped the area for cooking in the oven barbecue completely changed the concept of cottage holiday. Even work on the land does not seem so exhausting, if at the end of proceedings, the owners waiting for a reward in the form of a new dish, tested in the new device.
As a rule, a barbecue area is not limited to the installation of the furnace and associated attributes in the specially equipped site in the gazebo or shed, garden furniture set for its convenient location near the fire. All barbecue area is impregnated with deliberation, serenity and peace.
People of any sex, age and social status like to meet with friends and family, and lights. Interesting conversations, the joy of fellowship, but still with the ability to entertain guests with tasty meat or vegetable dishes cooked on the fire.

The meal in the fresh air is always more appetizing and pleasant smell of roasted meat collects all the guests around the fire, nature and fresh air improve health and increase the appetite of even the most fastidious to eat people. The pleasure of the excellent time spent in the merry company will remain in memory for a long time and your gatherings for BBQ can be a good family tradition weekend or holiday.

No longer do you have to push in cramped kitchen to provide the family or unexpected guests with delicious and nutritious treat. Have you, for example, smoke freshly caught fish? With oven barbecue you can do it, and the result will exceed all expectations, because this is a really healthy dish — it is entirely the creation of your hands.

Advantage of barbeque ovens in the fact that they can be manufactured in a mobile version. If your site or yard does not have the place to install a stationary furnace, then you might consider the purchase of portable analog. Such furnaces are generally smaller and therefore less weight, they can be set for a picnic, and at the end of the party — to be put to the garage or storeroom. Similar models of stoves look great in any landscape design, and are cheaper than their stationary counterparts. But there are serious shortcomings of ovens barbecue — lack of output of smoke and much less functional.