What should be a kitchen table like?

The material of which a table is made is very important, because in order this piece of furniture served for a long time and still has not lost its appearance it must have a number of qualities:

Moisture resistance — is a prerequisite for long service life of any piece of furniture in the kitchen, especially of the table. As spilled water or tea, and a simple wet cleaning in the absence of such an important quality will have a negative impact on the appearance.
Environmental friendliness of material is one of the basic conditions, otherwise how can you put the food on the table, which is made of materials hazardous to health.

Practicality is also an important component as in order the dining table please its owners for many years, it should at least be reliable.
Among the many materials from which are today produced dining tables at the peak of popularity for centuries is still natural wood. This table can easily fit into any style of interior, from the rural country and ending with a classic and aristocratic. Equally popular today are also glass tables, which will look very original in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and modern. It is said that the table with a transparent table top can be a real salvation for a small kitchen, because even with a fairly large surface, such a table top won’t weighing the space, while the table of the same size made of wood of a dark color will just steal the lightness that gives glass. However, such models are not cheap, and not every family can afford such a luxury.
A more budget option — a table made of wood chipboard. As a rule, in these models only legs are made of solid wood, and the tabletop is made of pressed board. In order this table served for a long time, it must be protected from excess moisture, otherwise the surface can go a bubble or delaminate. Models with laminated countertops are less exposed to moisture.

How to choose color of the dining table?
It is no secret that for a harmonious interior decoration it is necessary to choose the right color combination of all the elements of furniture, textiles, finishes and decor in the room. And that is why dining table in the kitchen must be perfectly fit not only in style but also in color. It can be bind to various elements. For example, it may be a floor covering, kitchen appliances or color. But designers often make dining table the main focus of the room, which also looks quite original. A striking example of such a solution may be an oval table with a glass top and a bright blue stem, like a large cocoon in the interior of the kitchen with the weave of white and chocolate brown.

Imagine a round white table with a glossy shine, surrounded by bright orange chairs and lamps with shades of warm sunny colors in a neutral beige and brown kitchen interior. With such a combination dining table will seem a source of heat and solar energy, that attracts the eye.
A wooden table of warm shades on a black-and-white kitchen will also look very interesting, of course if supplemented by certain interior decorative elements so the table did not seem lonely, for example, chairs or cushions.