What Is A Raised Ranch Style Home

At construction of typical ranches it is accepted to divide constructions into the American and Californian groups. The peak of popularity of construction of similar designs dropped for the fiftieth years. After Americans, this style of construction began to be used actively in Australia and some countries of Europe.

Development of a structure of the ranch

Emergence of the ranch began even during development of the continent of North America. If to trust historians, the similar structure thanks to Spaniards appeared. Really, if to compare the ranch to constructions of Spaniards, certain similar outlines are noticeable.

For construction of the simple ranch use the cheapest materials widespread in the area of construction of the building.

Most often those are:

  • Wood;
  • Brick;
  • Stone.

There are two main priorities at construction of the ranch: construction of cottages takes place in Kiev of this kind very quickly, plus here the minimum investments.

It is quite often possible to hear about «one-storey America». Usually also mean typical ranches by this term. In Russia such projects were not widely adopted. If classical ranches assume lack of symmetry, then farm buildings in the CIS countries on the contrary inherit this characteristic.

One-storey design;

  • Use of any planning without symmetry preservation;
  • Obligatory existence of the garage room;
  • Open type of a spacious verandah;
  • Large dimensions of windows;
  • Use of lining as material for finishing of walls.

It is not difficult to buy the ranch with similar characteristics in the USA at all. Depending on a state and the location the price can vary. Average cost makes 100 thousand dollars. It is admissible level, the house also rather large. Sometimes the number of rooms can reach 10 units.

As a rule, at any ranch is present:

  • Dining room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Two bedrooms;
  • Drawing room.

The used materials

Initially for the ranch used any What Is A Raised Ranch Style Home improvised materials which, as a rule, did not differ in high quality. In view of regular trips of cowboys and soft climate it was not necessary to count that constructions will be operated a long time. Nobody looked at other materials – in crisis time they cost much and it were too expensive for most of people.

As an alternative to expensive materials used:

  • Wood;
  • Natural stone;
  • Brick.

Usually the structure of the ranch assumes presence only of one level. Besides, internal planning can have absolutely different forms. On the first floor What Is A Raised Ranch Style Home two way out – one to a terrace, and another to the yard of the house are usually found. The drawing room and the dining room unite, and the bedroom is fenced off from other rooms. Only here it is possible to hide from all.


For dressing of rooms often address use of ancient things:

The shaking chairs;



Shod candlesticks.

In usually many soft pillows, it is simple to find also various carpets. The atmosphere indoors – is very important.


Quite large windows in the ranch are a consequence of economy on artificial light in the conditions of crisis. Today devices of lighting are selected under the general style of construction.

Are often used:

  • Shod sconces;
  • Chandeliers;
  • Copper lamps;
  • Steel lamps.

In spite of the fact that modern ranches significantly differ from old variations, nevertheless, they inherit the main atmosphere of these fine constructions.