Wardrobe and ideas for your interior.

Pieces of furniture are in sight, and the background of the environment should look natural. Everything else can be removed from the eye. Books, TV, music equipment is placed on the separate, fixed or movable shelves and cabinets.

To the bottom of cabinets and cupboards attach the wheels, and heavy furniture can be quickly moved in the reshuffle or repair. For small spaces are perfect built, saving space in closets. They can be equipped with such doors that merge harmoniously with the overall decor of the room, or to provide the sliding door. Cabinets are made of different kinds of wood: Canadian maple, oak, birch wood, then lacquered, decorated with items of copper, brass or steel. Convenient doors of glass or plexiglass.

Built-in pieces of furniture are usually equipped with shelves and drawers. Arrange glazed cabinets in the space on either side of the fireplace, arrange them in a bar, showcases for collections of porcelain or other securities you details. Or place the cabinets under the high ceiling, extending beneath the eaves. If your fireplace purely decorative, it can be turned into a closet, making the inside of the shelf. Tale in the living room as much as possible the shelves, filling them with books or a variety of decorative items. Mobile units, consisting of shelves with glass doors, you can buy as needed — ideal for families with limited income.

If the living room and dining room in your house are placed in the same room can be divided into zones of special racks, which looks very impressive in the premises of this kind. Remember that items placed on the shelf, visible on both sides, so placing them on the shelves, show taste and ingenuity. And that is still very important to correctly pick up the light. Do not skimp on the furniture set!

A few tips of designer:
Furniture for storage should be related in style with the general interior of the house.
Group your similar in purpose or type of items. For photos use different frames.
Create contrast between the color and texture, for example, set the wicker basket on wooden or metal shelves.
Small things look good in drawers or boxes with multiple compartments.