WAINSCOTING BATHROOM Ideas. How to sheathe bathroom with plasterboard.

Plasterboard is widely used in the decoration of premises: use it to line the walls and ceilings, constructing niches and arches, carved shelves and cupboards. Not everyone knows that this affordable and versatile material can be used not only in dry rooms, but also in the bathroom. Sheathing of bathroom with plasterboard — an inexpensive way to make a chic renovation. Dry plaster — an ideal base for many types of decorative finishes, it has no competitors in the simplicity and speed of installation.

How to choose plasterboard for bathroom
The reason for abandoning the use of plasterboard in the bathroom — its vulnerability to moisture. But this shortcoming is inherent only standard GCR and special sheets for wet rooms have moisture resistance and are not afraid of moisture. The moisture-resistant core material is added hydrophobic substances and specific ingredients, prevents the development of mold and mildew. The shell is used as moisture-resistant cardboard, further treated with antiseptics.
Waterproof good quality material does not lose its properties under high humidity (90%) and regular temperature changes. Suitable for sanitary sheets are green and marked gypsum plasterboard. If the bathroom is required not only protection against moisture, but also insurance against possible fire, it is recommended to choose GLVO — fire-resistant species with protection from moisture.

How to sheathe the walls of bathroom with plasterboard
Smooth walls, resulting in alignment plasterboard — the perfect base for further finishing. For decoration, you can choose almost any material: ceramic tiles, mosaics, Venetian plaster, artificial stone, wallpaper, paint, cork fabric. To equalize the wall suitable sheets having a thickness of not less than 12.5 mm, it should be taken into account finishing weight — weighs more than a finishing material, the thicker sheet should be the drywall.

Important Warnings and Precautions
It is important to remember that even water-resistant plasterboard material is vulnerable and needs extra protection from moisture. All joints and holes for fasteners and Communications necessarily treated with sealant. Sheet surface of the soil and protect the water-repellent compositions. It is advisable to apply waterproofing solution on both sides before the installation of gypsum plasterboard.

In order not to expose the plasterboard to excessive moisture in the bathroom need to install a forced ventilation system. The cause of high humidity are often the little things like the faulty toilet tank, dripping faucet, no heated towel rail. Timely removal of provoking factors will prolong the life of the repair and prevent the formation of mold. Those who have no time for independent solution of problems, it is recommended to address to experts. Also, professionals will help qualitatively sheathe plasterboard bath and complete finishing decorative finish.