Beautiful kitchen tables: original ideas for the interior of the kitchen
Kitchen is one of the main rooms in every house. This is the place where the whole family gathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where people very often welcome guests and arrange friendly gatherings. This is the room where hostess spends most of her time. And so kitchen should be very comfortable, as the mood of the room is so important for every family member it can affect the overall atmosphere in the whole house, because the heart of the family hearth is here, where each household receives the vital energy.

That is why you should approach to the design of a kitchen with great responsibility to get comfortable, functional and comfortable space. One of the key steps is to choose the arrangement of the kitchen dining table and this will be discussed further.

Each of us at least once in a lifetime dreamed of a big friendly family, assembled at a large table on which is a celebration or a quiet romantic dinner with candles and about children’s party with a big cake. And if to have a close look at the picture which is represented, it turns out that in all cases table is central. I think everyone will agree with me that this is a very important piece of furniture, without which you cannot imagine a family. But what exactly should be the dining table, to make it both functional and practical and on top of that in to fit in the atmosphere of the room?
Of course, if there is a separate large room under the dining room problems with the selection of the dining table should not arise, because here will fit even the most unwieldy model, but what should do those lucky ones who are trying to fit all the pieces of furniture in a small area, because often kitchen barely exceeds 10 m2 in a standard city apartment.

Types of tables
So, to start, you should consider what are the models of dining tables, and deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Shapes of the tables are round, oval, square and rectangular, but the design of the legs can be very diverse, exactly like a table height.

There are many models with sliding mechanism that allows to make a huge dining table from a tiny one with a slight move. However, these are not all the surprises from manufacturers, because furniture market presents a huge number of models where can be regulated height that allows to turn a kitchen table into a coffee table. Such constructions of kitchen tables will be a real boon for those who seek the most rational distribution of space in a small kitchen.

Speaking of saving space, it should be noted that oval and round tables will look harmoniously in a spacious room, but a rectangular or a square table moved up to the wall is a perfect solution for a small room.