Today’s article will focus on tips on arrangement of cozy corner for those who wish to establish in the flat a place for relaxation, retreat, romantic evening or just for children to play.

Agree that nook with original decorations, homemade garlands, improvised table of sweets and fruits will be a real Eden after a hard day.
This area will be relevant to all kinds of events, such as a romantic corner on Valentine’s Day. And if there are children in the family, then this lodge is a great and unusual addition to the interior of a child’s room, it will provide the child with comfort and interesting leisure. Handmade cozy corner is sure to become the most favorite place in the apartment.
If you want to give it a «Native American» flavor, for example, for thematic games for children, you can decorate the finished construction with feathers, and fabric walls — with paint. All depends only on your imagination.

Suspended wigwam with your own hands
This wigwam can be made in the attic or on the balcony — where you’ll have no problems hanging hooks screwed into the ceiling. If your house has a beamed ceiling, then you can tie the main bar of the wigwam to the beams without using hooks. The beauty of this option is that kids can frolic inside the «tent», it will not fall and break. The disadvantage of this design is clearly a limitation of space in which it can be built.

You will need:
• large pieces of fabric
some blankets
frame for a tent, such as an old shower rod, the size depends on how big wigwam you plan to install
4 hooks (if you can tie the main pole to the ceiling joists, the hooks are not needed)
1 roll of twine
2 large safety pins
lots of pillows

Step 1
First you need to prepare the site, where will be built the lodge, in other words, choose a free corner in the apartment, where it is possible to build a tent.

Step 2
Measure the length of the support, then screw on the ceiling two hooks. The distance between the screwed screws must be the same as previously measured the length of the support.

Step 3
Choose the biggest piece of cloth, and toss it through a support attached to the ceiling, and then add new layers of fabric. The most beautiful fabrics are best to be left to the last layer, so the lodge will look more elegant and neat.

Step 4
In order the «entrance» of the lodge was always open, you should fix the edges of the fabric. For this near the reliance on the ceiling you need to screw the two screws, which should be attached to the string of the same length, at the end of which must be two safety pins. It is with these pins are fixed edges of the fabric.

Step 5
After a cozy corner of the frame is created, it is time to move on to its accomplishment. Inside the lodge you can arrange cushions, blankets and warm blankets. To set a small table for fruit or drink.
Coziness of the created corner depends largely on the little things from all kinds of candles, curtains and rugs.

Wigwam can be used for relaxing, romantic evenings or children’s games, it can be further decorate for all sorts of celebrations, such as garlands of hearts for Valentine’s day or garlands of paper pumpkins on Halloween.