Types Of Windows Server 2008 Installation

Windows Vista is similar, Windows Server 2008 assumes installation on the basis of an image from the file in the Windows Imaging (WIM) format on a DVD disk with Server 2008. In the same way as the DVD disk with Vista includes all versions of this operating system (i.e. Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate and Business), on a DVD disk with Server 2008 the main Server 2008 versions — Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 Datacenter contain. All versions hold in one DVD disk as WIM — a format of storage on the basis of the only copy. That is as all versions have the same basic set of files, they can be stored in a type of one image which is figuring prominently only slightly than an image of one version. Each DVD disk with Server 2008 supports only one architecture therefore for x86 options (32-bit) and x64 (64-digit) are provided different carriers. Let’s consider the standard scenario of installation.

At the Types Of Windows Server 2008 Installation Windows Server 2008 installation at first it is necessary to solve, to carry out new installation or updating. Usually new installation — an optimal option which is considered in this example. If you chose updating, it is worth reading insert «That it is necessary to know about updating on the place».

It is possible to develop Server 2008 with use of the services of expansion of Windows (WDS) dispatching the installation environment on network and allowing to automate easily control with use of the file of answers. But to experience all subtleties of process, we will install Windows Server 2008 in the old way — manually.

Let’s insert DVD with Server 2008 into the optical disk drive of system and we will choose loading from the carrier (i.e. with DVD) to load the environment of preset of Windows (WinPE) from the boot.wim file on DVD. Server 2008 assumes installation on the basis of an image therefore the system needs the environment for expansion of this image, and also other tools (for example to break the hard drive into sections). Such environment is represented by WinPE.

So, we press Install now, and the setup opens a window with the offer to enter the product key from 25 symbols tied to the concrete Server 2008 version. It is possible to enter a product key, or to leave the field empty then to press Next for start of a dialog box of confirmation.

If the key of a product was entered earlier, two options of installation at choice — Full Installation or Server Core Installation — for edition of the operating system determined by a product key will be offered. Server Core — the «facilitated» option of installation of the server with the minimum volume of the occupied memory providing the limited environment of control of the server. Server Core offers only the main Server 2008 components — even without cover of «Windows Conductor», but with the interface of a command line — and supports the main roles of the server, namely, the server of files, the DHCP server, the print server and the DNS server.  

After the choice of option of the Server 2008 installation and pressing of Next the license agreement opens. As always, it is necessary to read attentively it, then to note a tag of accept the license term and to press Next.

The window Types Of Windows Server 2008 Installation with a request opens to specify installation type — Upgrade or Custom (for experienced users). As we carry out new installation from the carrier, the Upgrade option is inaccessible for the choice (is shaded) so it is necessary to choose Custom. If the setup is started from the Windows Server 2003 environment, both options are inaccessible for the choice.

The new window with the last question opens — where to install Windows? In a dialog box logical sections and an empty seat are displayed. Here it is possible to add and delete sections, to reformat earlier used hard drive before the Server 2008 installation, and also to load if necessary additional drivers. Choose the section for installation, then press Next. If the section is not formatted, the setup will quickly format it in the NTFS format and will continue work.