Types Of Windows For Buildings

Types of windows — distinctions on materials, a design

Now the majority of Types Of Windows For Buildings window frames is made of polyvinylchloride (PVC). This material not such and new. It was for the first time created in 1835 by the famous chemist Regnald. Development of industrial production dragged on till 1931 when the technology was introduced by the BASF company.

Window frames from PVC guessed to do still later, the first patent for plastic windows is registered in Germany in 1952.

First frames were made of metal, then reverted with plastic slips which gave esthetics and protected from corrosion. But a bit later the production of solid PVC which suited as material for the difficult loaded designs was mastered. Window frames were generally made of PVC, and contained the strengthening inserts from a tree or metal.

Modern window frames can be subdivided as material into several types.

Wooden window frames

In the highest price category there are wooden windows. These are not that the «old window frames» which — cracked, with a set of cracks and badly closed, with paint coats at all. Now wood is processed on modern technologies and has high operational qualities. For production of window frames firm and valuable grades of a tree – an oak, an ash-tree, a bamboo, etc. are used. For popularity maintenance, producers appropriated to such windows advertising, — «the most eco-friendly, and keep heat better».

All merits of modern windows about which the speech will go further are inherent in wooden windows.

Modern windows from plastic

The most popular Types Of Windows For Buildings are plastic windows, i.e. made of the same solid polyvinylchloride with addition of the metal reinforcing designs. Such windows, first of all, favorably differ in the price. Based on the ratio of the price quality out of competition.

PVC windows have excellent thermal insulation, are fireproof, reliable, durable and practical. Besides, there are models where plastic is covered with an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree (imitation under wooden) that does such window systems by more esthetic, with preservation of merits of PVC, at the moderate price.

Plastic window frames are easily made by the customer’s sizes. Therefore producers generally turn out products by the individual sizes.

Such window system is tight, and reliably protects the room from a draft, dust and noise. But introduction of modern windows introduced new requirements to systems of ventilation of houses and apartments.

As former air permeability of these protecting designs disappeared.

As ventilation in the house is equipped

Importance of heat saving

At the choice of any windows it is important not to forget about heat saving. As a rule, for our climate do rather heat preserving frames.

If windows directly from the European producer, then it is necessary to check, — not for soft or in general subtropical climate they are made…

But the main heat losses of a window happen through glasses. In our climate it is more favorable to establish double-glazed windows with the increased heat saving. The usual decision — a two-chamber double-glazed window with the raised dust glass.