Types Of Solar Greenhouse

Most of gardeners dream of a greenhouse to grow up various species of plants. Greenhouses not only expensive constructions, but also occupy big space. Though the greenhouse is not so prestigious as a greenhouse, practically differs in nothing from it except that keeps the gardener dry in damp weather. The greenhouse borrows much less the place, the greenhouse is under construction easier and cheaper, than. But in this chapter it will be a question of Types Of Solar Greenhouse.


Placement of your greenhouse is important. Avoid the hanging trees and nearby buildings which can cast shadows, windy sites which will cause loss of high temperature. Your greenhouse has to be supplied also with water and electricity or to settle down about them.

If you are going to have a greenhouse, it should be taken into account its practicality.

The shadow will be necessary when weather very hot. Even heliophilous plants do not love the high humidity created in some days so shading in the form of blinds or a grid will be necessary.

If you want that your greenhouse had one shady side and one solar.

Types Of Solar Greenhouse

There is a set of types of greenhouses, including freely standing and attached models. They can be constructed of a tree, metal, or polyvinylchloride. Wood will iron more attractively, than metal, for a design it warmer and easy, and also is suitable for adaptation of shelves better. However it is heavy to build of it while steel and aluminum are easy-to-use. Because they stronger, than a tree, metal structures can be equipped with big glasses which give the best penetration of light.

Regular checks will become a guarantee that any problems will be noticed before they become urgent.

Glasses clean water or by an appropriate means for a sink of windows. To reach between glasses, use a small plastic knife, cleaning off dirt and chips, or wash away under pressure.

In due time replace any damaged glasses.

Check and replace any rusty cores of doors.

Check racks and regiments to make sure of their good shape.

Process any wooden areas protection and replace rotten parts.

Check operation of mechanisms and water tightness of mechanisms of fans.

If you have trenches and the lower pipes, hold their free from garbage and leaves, especially in the fall.

Regularly check plants for existence of any signs of wreckers and diseases as they can quickly extend in heat on all greenhouse.

You loosen gravel regularly and you hold a floor free from weeds.

You clean all structures of a greenhouse soft fabric in the fall.

In the fall, in fresh, but warm day, take out all plants and disinfect all surfaces in a greenhouse, use fumigant injector smoke to destroy all wreckers.

Regularly spend five minutes to bypass a greenhouse, checking doors, glasses, fans and so on. You carry out an internal inspection: whether there are no leaks in system of an irrigation whether plants are healthy and whether there are no intervals in plating or thermal screens. Check safety of isolation and stability of racks.

Regular checks will take only several minutes, but can prevent diseases and many problems.