Types Of Rv Trailer Hitches

Automobile trailers do not lag behind in a variety of the choice. For cars there are trailers differing on functionality and a design. But everything they can be subdivided into 2 large groups: general and special purpose.

It is possible to carry the devices equipped with platforms on wheels to trailers of general purpose. They have a folding board or an awning.

Special trailers are used for transportation of non-standard freights. They have the opened or closed platforms. The release of such devices happens in limited editions. Often they are made to order, under a certain freight.

Production of a body part comes from the steel galvanized panels or panels covered with protective enamel. In addition to them various materials can be used (for example, steel and aluminum for sides and wooden boards for the basis). Will most long serve the trailers manufactured of galvanized steel with use of a polymeric covering. Sometimes trailers provide a possibility of accumulation of height of a board by means of connection of additional panels.

In need of operation in cross-country conditions, the automobile trailer has to be equipped with an independent suspension bracket. Shock-absorbers which are located cross allow on difficult highways to have the increased stability.

Features of design of Types Of Rv Trailer Hitches

Loading capacity of such trailer — one of the most important indicators. At excess of loading capacity in 750 kg, the trailer has to be surely equipped with the brake system. Hook-on brakes have no communication with brakes of the car. They work by means of loading which influences coupling knot (inertial operation). Machine brakes are applied if high stability at a stop is required.

There are monoaxial and two-axis hook-on platforms. Two-axis trailers have the rotary mechanism in the design, it gives them maneuverability.

When between axes the distance less than a meter is observed, the device carries the name of the trailer with the coupled axis.

The important rule for trailers of all types – lack of overloads. Violation of this rule is capable to lead to failure of functionality of steering system of the car.

Service regulations of the car with the trailer

The car completed with the trailer is called the tractor. The general name of the car and trailer – the road train. Such combined transport demands special service regulations.

The maximum speed of the tractor should not exceed 90 km/h on the usual road and 70 km/h on public routes. It is better to provide the road train expensive with an equal and qualitative covering.

At control of road train also weather conditions have important value. Adverse weather is capable to cause a drift of the trailer which will inevitably lead to road accident. The driver is obliged to remember that it is sharply strictly forbidden to brake in order to avoid a drift.

Weight parameters:

The weight Types Of Rv Trailer Hitches which is allowed for transportation in the trailer is regulated depending on its equipment by brakes. If the trailer is equipped with brakes, then a lot of transportation has to be no more than 80% of the mass of the car. The weight of transportations in trailers without brakes has to make at most 50% of the mass of the tractor.

In the Russian production these indicators decrease by 10%.

When driving the car with the trailer it is impossible to forget that maneuverability and dynamic indicators of the road train much lower, than at control of car without trailer.

Observance of rules

When driving the road train it is important to follow special rules traffic regulations for road trains:

  • Not to use the faulty trailer;
  • To check existence of the insuring and locking elements;
  • It is impossible to assume that safety cables and chains sagged to the road;
  • To check indicators of compliance of pressure in tires and trailer loadings.

In case of a drift it is necessary to stop urgently braking, and then to smoothly increase speed. Abrupt turns and descents when driving have to be made in the mode of low transfer. Braking is carried out in that case only by means of the automobile engine.