Types Of Real Estate Options

Types of the real estate and its classification

The social role of the real estate is a satisfaction of all needs of the person (psychological, physiological, intellectual).

There are three main types of the real estate — it is the earth, housing and non-residential premises.

Basis of a real estate object is the earth.

The earth is a fundamental factor in any commercial activity which indirectly or directly participates in production of goods or rendering services

The earth is subdivided on:

1) the land plots intended under building or for other purposes of use;

2) the natural complexes intended for their operation (the field etc.)

Housing is the structure with all conveniences intended for accommodation of the person.

Housing happens: elite, standard, city country, etc.

The real estate is non-uniform on the structure, ability to satisfy various needs of the person and on its functions.

The real estate is subdivided on a functional sign on inhabited and uninhabited.

In uninhabited allocate industrial, commercial, recreational immovable property, institutional, motels hotels and the real estate which is intended for the mixed use.

As the industrial real estate understand industrial constructions, the working plants, warehouse.

The Types Of Real Estate Options recreational real estate is intended for rest — it is constructions in territories of resorts, the stadiums, clubs, swimming pools and other constructions intended for entertainment.

The institutional real estate is buildings for governmental or municipal bodies, hospitals, sanatoria and other functions of a special purpose.

The property of the mixed appointment is a combination of the listed types of real estate.

Views of the real estate on degree of readiness for operation:

1) the constructions put into operation;

2) buildings which demand capital repairs or reconstruction;

3) incomplete construction.

On reproducibility degree in a natural form allocate the real estate:

1) non-reproducible are mineral deposits;

2) reproduced are constructions, the building. On extent of specialization distinguish:

1) specialized: chemical and oil refineries; the museums and other buildings belonging to culture.

2) unspecialized is other real estate on which there is a demand in the open market for investment.

On the Types Of Real Estate Options nature of use the real estate is necessary for housing, commercial activity, agricultural needs, the special purposes (school, church).

On the possession purposes it is intended for business, accommodation of the owner, as investments, for development and development, as commodity stocks, for consumption of resources which are exhausted now.