Types Of Materials To Build A Homes

What needs to be considered at the choice of material for house walls

Walls take away to a quarter of all expenses on construction of the house. And if carelessly to treat this choice, then it is possible to incur serious expenditure in the future. Therefore we will consider and we will consider the major criteria and factors which need to be considered at the choice of material for construction of walls of the house.

#1. Price question. Expenses can be lowered if to take the facilitated material for walls. Then it is not necessary to construct powerful and expensive base.

#2. Thermal insulation. Cold walls will manage in the winter Types Of Materials To Build A Homes too expensive. Therefore before choosing material it is necessary to make all calculations, being guided by local climatic conditions. It is possible to achieve the necessary degree of thermal insulation having resorted to the help of heaters. If to take material with the good heat-insulating properties, then the wall can be not warmed, but everything depends on the region of building.

#3. Labor costs. Expenses of time and forces can be reduced if to put walls from big blocks. Such walls are put up 3 — 4 times quicker and easier. The highest speed — at construction of frame panel walls.

#4. Subsequent costs of finishing. Modern smooth and esthetic materials do not demand additional finishing of walls. It is possible to save on it.

Traditional brick

The brick house is capable to stay 100 — 150. He will perfectly endure also rains with hurricanes and a hail, both hard frosts, and the drying-up heat. Put walls from a brick since age-old times therefore the technology of their construction is fulfilled to trifles. Respectively, and it is easy to find the good master.

Ceramic or silicate

The ceramic brick has red color. It is made Types Of Materials To Build A Homes of the burned clay therefore it is very strong and has high environmental friendliness. Such material is not afraid of an icy cold and does not pass water. He is corpulent (no more than 13% of emptiness) and hollow (to 49% of emptiness). The form of openings in a brick can be round, square, oval, with an arrangement across or verticals. With increase in their quantity heat-insulating properties improve.

Ceramic block – strong and modern material

In Europe, deciding from what material to build the house, often choose a ceramic block. It is eco-friendly (consists of the burned clay mix with wooden sawdust), and it is possible to build of it cheap and quickly. The house such will stay not less than 150 years, and it can be made multistoried (margin of safety it allows). On each side a surface of a ceramic block corrugated, and inside – a time. Separate elements by means of connection a groove crest are joined.

Gas-concrete blocks – material for warm walls

Externally gas-concrete blocks look worse than ceramic block, but they excellently hold heat. Walls from a gas concrete 30 — 40 cm thick constructed in one layer possess the same characteristics as well as multilayered made of a brick or ceramic block. At the same time rather comfortable microclimate indoors keeps as the gas concrete effectively resists to fluctuations of temperature and humidity. This material will not decay and spoil from time – it has the unlimited term of operation. And on thermal insulation it is 3 times better, than a brick. It is a merit of the air time which is in material.