Types Of Housing Foundations Used Today

The principles of the organization of system of housing and communal services in each country have the features. Let’s consider how the housing and public utilities over the ocean – in the USA are organized. To give the exact name of municipal system of America very difficult, most likely, it represents «municipal cluster» (MC). So one such cluster can include several apartment houses in which there can be about several hundred apartments which are in a private property. At the same time this KK includes also various communication networks, the pool, a laundry, a sports complex, the parking, lawns and various green zones.

All this complex is served by contract organizations including suppliers of various resources which are selected, on the basis of an open competition. Together with it operating control over each cluster is conducted by a small number of employees: the manager who watches all-house expenses of utilities, and several workers. At the same time on the working computer of the manager, by means of the automated system of the account, constantly arrives information on volumes of the consumed electricity, waters, it is warm, etc. This Types Of Housing Foundations Used Today system allows to react quickly and to quickly eliminate the arising leaks which are defined by sharp increase in average daily expenses of resources. In addition housing and communal services to America receive additional resources from sale of salvage which is thrown out residents of a cluster. It should be noted that collecting waste in the USA separate, that is under each type of garbage is available the container, and obedient Americans sort the waste.

The leading principle on which all municipal Types Of Housing Foundations Used Today system is based is the following the rule – not to bring heat and hot water from the outside as this practice involves quite heavy expenses. These resources are made by a municipal cluster. So, for example, the boiler with the pump equipment which, as a rule, is installed in the cellar or on a roof provides with hot water the whole building. Houses in several ways are heated:

– by means of the thermal fan which can be used for heating, both the certain apartment, and all house. Usually such fans use gas or electricity;

– in new houses in walls, it is not rare also a ceiling and a floor, mount flexible wires-teny, at the same time there is no gas in such dwellings usually, and stoves use electricity;

– quite seldom houses in municipal clusters are heated by means of boiler rooms. However the communications laid for this purpose form additional expenses therefore use this way rather seldom. At the same time even in such small boiler rooms do not put boilers any more for a long time, and install the steam-gas equipment which can develop not only heat, but also electricity. Besides housing and communal services use achievements of alternative power engineering. So, especially in the southern parts of the country, on roofs of houses solar panels are mounted;

– in states where stays rather cold, in heating system thermal pumps which heat the apartment at home are used, at the same time cooling the soil around the building or a reservoir. Besides similar pumps provide also supply of hot water.

It is possible to create similar clusters and in our country, the boiler room serving up to several tens houses could become the center of similar municipal system.