Types Of House Plans In South Africa

Houses of Africa and the dwelling of Indians very interesting, original, and in something even stylish.

However Indians during creation of housing are guided mainly by those principles which are dictated by it an environment. What near at hand, is used. More precisely that is most practical and does not contradict the principles of nationality.

By tradition, in the African villages work on construction of houses of Indians is assigned to men, and here finishing and decorative stages – a prerogative of women who lay over dwellings of Indians straw, strengthen leaves, cover with special materials.

Semi-deserts are characterized by deficiency of wood therefore dwellings of Indians are under construction mainly from:

  • stone;
  • clays;
  • herbs;
  • bushes.

In savannas palm trees, cotton stalks are popular. And here in the woods the bamboo and leaves of palm trees is popular.

Except these materials there are also others, auxiliary. Manure, materials, skins of animals can even become them.

Large settlements Types Of House Plans In South Africa of Africa which were created in the last hundreds of years build up special hired builders who perform works on construction for some payment.

Usually at home in Africa have no windows as inhabitants seldom stay at home.

Mainly they are engaged in production of animals, have a good time on the street, and here to houses take cover only for time put for a dream. Also dwellings serve as the shelter from bad weather which happens in Africa rather seldom.

Some dwellings of Indians can be equipped with clay benches which help to warm the room.

These constructions are characteristic of mountain areas where temperature can fall quickly enough. Culture of Africa such is that many houses from an internal part are decorated with clay patterns which create women own hands.

Most often in Africa it is possible to meet round houses which can have the different height of walls and differ in various forms.

It is so often possible to meet constructions which have not just a roof, and an integral complex from a roof and walls.

Such option rather reliable, however houses in this case can have the round form, and the door to settle down below and to be very low. Most often such constructions can be met in areas where the tropical climate is observed.

In other places Types Of House Plans In South Africa of a roof for the dwelling of Indians different, under an inclination, may contain an additional exit. Such constructions get off inside, and as jewelry patterns, different ornaments to which stones, clay and other natural materials are applied are used.

Round dwellings build the different countries of Africa differently. Somewhere it is possible to see windows, and somewhere even not to find doors. More precisely, entrances to such houses are, but they «are driven» in the earth.

Rondavel is a house which can be met in a northern and southern part of Africa. It can be rather large and reliable.

Walls usually are under construction of a stone, and as a covering manure, sand, the earth and clay is used. From above these dwellings of Indians become covered with special construction materials for protection against the external destroying factors.