Types Of House Journal

Any house owner will not begin to argue with the fact that appearance of the dwelling is a face of his owners. How the building facade in what color palette and in what stylistic direction it is decorated, the impression not only about position of owners in society, their flavoring preferences, but even about style and a rhythm of life directly depends is executed. Use of modern stylistics for exterior design of the building on the one hand gives to hosts enough wide range of possibilities at the choice of construction and finishing materials, but with another – imposes certain restrictions in dressing of a facade. Let’s together try to understand features of modern style of registration of facades of private houses of city and country type.

The Types Of House Journal are a certain mix of loans from various stylistic currents which emergence preceded the present era of design of private dwellings. In modern style the minimalism, hi-tech, a modernist style and even industrialism mixed up. Not for nothing the modern stylistics are called comfortable minimalism.

It is possible to distinguish several characteristic features of execution of an exterior of the building from the brightest criteria of style:

  • simple forms and accurate lines – geometricity of modern buildings is built in the absolute;
  • the biggest spaces (as far as it financial opportunities of owners and the sizes of the land plots allow);
  • panoramic windows – the greatest possible quantity of surfaces is made of glass that internal arrangement of buildings was filled with a sunlight and appeared at owners as more spacious, than there are actually, dwellings;
  • minimum decor of a facade – only practical components, exclusively functional architectural elements;
  • use of eco-friendly construction and finishing materials – natural raw materials or its effective imitation, safe for the person and the environment;
  • combination of different types of materials for creation of interesting finishing of the simplest in a form of constructive decisions.

If to state the dry facts about the concept of creation of Types Of House Journal of exterior design of the building, then an impression about excessive laconicism and even boring of registration can be made. But modern style can be diverse – use of interesting design decisions, unusual color combinations, combination theory of materials, various on structure, – all this allows even to create original architectural concepts within strict forms and the minimum decor and to issue them with individual approach.
The modern market of finishing materials pleases owners of houses with variety. The house owner with any size of a purse, the list of production requirements to material and flavoring preferences will be able to find suitable option of a front covering. But, before passing to planning of registration of a facade, it is necessary to solve – whether you wish to fit in harmoniously in external an image of the street on which your house is located or to act as territorial accent, surprising all passersby. The same concerns also the private apartments located in the country – for someone it is important to join organically a local landscape, for others a priority will be the building seeing from a distance, thanks to the outstanding sizes and picturesque registration.