Types Of House Cats List

The unruly Abyssinian cat cannot live without attention of the owner. She will run behind it during cleaning, to help to key the text, will surely try to open independently a door of the room and, of course, will lay its things as considers it necessary. And itself will get from above. Generally, if the fervent Abyssinian lodged in your house, forget about sedate decumbency on a sofa. Stock up with toys better.

It is considered that it occurred from a wild African cat that once lived in the territory of Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia). In 1868 the British captain Barret-Lenard brought the first Abyssinian cat from a military expedition. It called Zul. He became the ancestor of breed. However, the first Abyssinian cats were not similar to modern yet. The set of colors was allowed and their shape of a body at that time was absolutely another.

Officially registered breed only in 1904, and three years of steam of silvery Abyssinian beauties later went to America. During war many breeds of animals nearly disappeared, and the Abyssinian kitty did not become an exception. She received a rebirth in Europe after the end of World War II by means of the American manufacturers.

History of an American curl begins with … kindness. In 1981 the family of farmers from South California sheltered at itself a kitty with quite strange ears. Grace and Joe Ruga (so called new owners of the lucky woman) just regretted the street vagabond and lodged her at herself. Called the foundling Sulamif (in honor of the beauty sung by the tsar Solomon). Soon the kitty thanked the saviors as she could, having given birth to them to four kittens.

Also there would be this history of the unknown if at two of kids for the fourth day ears did not begin to be bent back. As well as at their unusual mother. And then Shue’s owners (tender from Sulamif) understood that they deal with genetic feature which can form a basis for creation of new breed. They distributed the grown-up kids to acquaintances who agreed to be engaged in cultivation of kittens with amusing ears.

It was at first heavy as manufacturers knew Types Of House Cats List nothing about American curls yet. Soon they found out that all posterity from parents with the bent ears inherits feature of parents. And here if couple mixed (the father usual and vice versa), then at least a half of kittens (sometimes more) inherit the bent ears. However, it is shown only for the 4th day and finally is fixed by 4th month. Then it is also possible to judge «quality» of a cat: house, breeding or exhibition.

The British cat — charming plush creation with a round attractive face and playful gold eyes. It and wants to be dragged off with itself under a blanket as a favorite toy in the childhood. However not each British will allow to make with herself something similar. Too independent and proud these cats in soul. Here special approach is necessary. Of course, based on love.

The British from the first day of emergence in the house has to feel that she is very much loved, but at the same time are not going to indulge her whims. Feeling sincere love of the owner, the British short-haired cat will quickly give him reins Types Of House Cats List of government and will allow to indulge herself. By the way, about the last. Indulge the British in everything, except food: these cats are not able to stop – they are inclined to an overheating and completeness. Obviously, affects last their far ancestors.