Types Of Home Health Visits

The hospital will be organized at home for rendering the qualified medical care to patients who on weight of a state cannot receive out-patient treatment in the conditions of policlinic, but at the same time owing to the objective reasons cannot be hospitalized in a hospital of the round-the-clock stay.

The hospital is versatile functional division of policlinic as a part of therapeutic office at home.

Management of Types Of Home Health Visits a hospital is performed at home by the manager of therapeutic office who in the activity submits to the deputy chief physician for a medical part.

The states of a hospital are established according to the existing regular standards provided for the out-patient and polyclinic organizations at home.

Medicines in hospitals are got at the expense of patients in the fixed drugstores at home. Leaving objects patients are provided with therapeutic office of policlinic.

The hospital operating mode is set by the management of the organization according to needs of the population for this type of the help at home.

Selection of patients in a hospital at home is made by the manager of therapeutic office on representation of local therapists, and also specialists doctors for treatment.

The patients needing constant medical observation with exacerbations of chronic diseases in a stage of compensation and sub compensation go to a hospital at home.

In a hospital the patients with an exacerbation of chronic diseases of heavy degree demanding intensive treatment and the round-the-clock observation of medical personnel are not hospitalized at home.

At deterioration in a course of a disease the patient has to be immediately transferred to a hospital of the round-the-clock stay.

The main objectives of a hospital are at home:

  • increase in availability of the stationary help to the population of the area of service of policlinic;
  • ensuring active treatment of patients who cannot be hospitalized in hospitals, under following conditions:
  • living conditions allow to organize full treatment and care of patients at home;
  • there is an opportunity up to standard to provide the patient with necessary diagnostic, medical and preventive actions;
  • there is desire and the consent of the patient or his relatives to be treated in the conditions of a hospital at home;
  • introduction in practice of work of modern methods of treatment on the basis of achievements of medical science and the best practices of activity of the treatment-and-prophylactic organizations;
  • decrease in incidence, disability and mortality among the served population;
  • organization and holding actions for sanitary and hygienic education of the population, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The hospital uses all advisory and medical and diagnostic services which are available in policlinic in the work at home.

On the patient who is in a hospital Types Of Home Health Visits at home all records are made in the medical record of the outpatient.

The report on activity of a hospital is provided in accordance with the established procedure and at the scheduled time at home.