Types Of Hairstyles Braids

You cannot be the gifted hairdresser, but if you are able to do plaits, then you will never have problems with a hairstyle. To improve the skills, just study new schemes of weaving of braids, and you receive such volume arsenal for all occasions of which it is only possible to dream.

The best way to learn – to look at step-by-step weaving of braids with photos. The matter is that on schemes it is not always clear where to stack this or that lock, and here the live photo will give complete idea and of process details, and of ready result.

Types Of Hairstyles Braids – with the name «Fish Tail»

Such type of weaving it will be ideal to suit owners of the most dense and it is desirable a straight hair.

We bring to your attention stage-by-stage performance of such type of weaving:

In the beginning just comb all hair strictly back. Then separate two thinnest locks of the hair, (no more than 2,5 cm), and on one directly, on the right and also to the left of temples.

Try to cross most accurately the right lock so it would be left over a lock.

It is necessary to hold both locks with the right hand then the second hand it is necessary to take a new lock on the left side. Such lock has to be, same by the size, as well as two previous.

The received new lock should be crossed also with a lock right. And the new left lock besides has to appear over the right lock, press surely locks for fixing by a free left hand.

Further we take a new lock, but already on the right side of the head. Also we cross it with a little increased left lock, this lock needs to be imposed strictly from above. Also as well as for the first time we press your right hand all locks for bigger fixing.

Actually, thus, it is necessary to repeat constantly described stages four and five up to achievement of the neck.

As a result you braid the most real fish tail similarly, notes at the same time, pulling out small locks already from the general shock of own hair and accurately cross the heads, those on the center.

As a result follows, fix tips of the work (the beautiful spit) by a usual elastic band.

French option of Types Of Hairstyles Braids

Given like weaving of a braid on the standard execution it is incredibly similar to earlier mentioned classical spit, however in this case you every time should interweave all the new and new separated locks.

In details painted stage-by-stage performance of such option of weaving:

It is necessary to collect all hair (it will be a little unusual) in front. Do not worry on a nape your hair will be braided a bit later.

After that try to divide all hair into three separate, but equal parts. Then do the most usual plait, most that is in the traditional way.

However before you will begin to drag in a separate lock at the left, just take one more additional lock which will be near more dense main lock.

Everything should be done with your right lock too. So actually it is also necessary to carry out weaving, serially implementing clauses at numbers 3 and 4, taking besides every time all new separate locks.

And here from a neck it is necessary to begin to braid the most usual braid again. Well and of course tips of hair should be tied the elastic band fixing weaving.