Types Of Greenhouse Kits

Weather conditions not always allow to grow up vegetable cultures and flowers in the open ground. Hotbeds and greenhouses use for cultivation of seedling or for the full period of growth of a plant and maturing of fruits.

What Types Of Greenhouse Kits differ from greenhouses in:

  • Have small height — no more than one and a half meters.
  • Lack of doors. The possibility of access to plants depends on the hotbed device.
  • In greenhouses often arrange artificial heating and lighting. Hotbeds get warm only due to solar energy and compost.
  • In difference from greenhouses hotbeds happen not only stationary, but also figurative.
  • Hotbeds, simple on design, are established for cultivation of cultures.
  • During the winter period hotbeds are not suitable for cultivation of plants. For these purposes construct capital greenhouses which are equipped with lighting and heating.

Only skilled gardeners understand such subtleties. Actually does not matter as you will call the defense serving for cultivation of seedling or thermophiles plants. On sale some designs have the double name — a hotbed greenhouse.

Views of greenhouses and Types Of Greenhouse Kits

Very many at first buy and establish the greenhouse, and then think of its advantages and shortcomings. At the choice of a design have definite answers on such questions:

  • what cultures you are going to grow up;
  • location of a hotbed;
  • possibility of leading of a point of power supply for the lighting device;
  • way of heating;
  • what sum you are ready to spend for acquisition and installation of a construction.

Constructions for protection of soil and plants differ in the location, a design, material for a framework, to a type of a covering and the internal device.

On a way of an arrangement of the greenhouse happen adjoining which are attached to the standing building and separate. The adjoining constructions often call wall.

Advantages of the adjoining greenhouses:

  • on construction less expenses, than on separate are required;
  • there are no problems when leading electricity and water;
  • possibility of the device of an exit to the greenhouse from the house.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings that there is not always an opportunity to install the greenhouse on South side of the building and need of creation of additional isolation of a wall from the increased humidity.

Advantages of separate greenhouses:

  • opportunity elections of a form and design;
  • the optimum choice of the place for installation;
  • light access from all directions.
  • On height of an arrangement of soil there are two types of hotbeds — buried and land.

For the device of the buried hotbeds dig out a hole, fill up a bottom with soil, from above cover with a film. In such hotbeds it is possible to grow up early seedling because soil freezes through less, than at a usual, land way of an arrangement of hotbeds. Mini-hotbeds are convenient for protection of plants in the open ground.

Heating in greenhouses is possible several types — electric, biological, water. The easiest and cheap way of heating — a bucket with the smoldering coals. At the choice of a way of heating it is necessary to consider of what material the construction covering is made.

Plants are grown up in soil or in pots or boxes on racks. Racks are convenient for undersized plants.