Types Of Foundation Systems

In low construction the base demands not less responsible approach, than at construction of high-rise buildings. The basis is the most important element of any design, and the mistake made at the initial stage can nullify other construction works. Therefore it is necessary to know characteristics of each of views of the base for the private house correctly to decide on the choice of the most suitable option.

Types Of Foundation Systems under the private house

There are four main types of the bases under the private house:

  • tape
  • slabby
  • column
  • pile.

Each of them has absolutely different design and the principle of the device.

Tape bases

All bases relating to this look have the form of a tape and can directly be filled in on the site or gather from the reinforced concrete blocks made in the industrial way. The tape bases are characterized by the increased durability and can be created practically in any form. Only the combined base cannot have a difficult configuration.

The tape bases happen several types:

rigid – with the longitudinal reinforcing belt;

flexible – with cross-length reinforcing;

monolithic – in the form of a continuous tape;

faltering – separate pieces settle down under the bearing designs.

Slabby bases

Such base is the multilayered «pie» consisting from protective, the strengthening, leveling layer and the top concrete plate. The protective layer is made by heaters and materials for gidro-and vapor barrier. Leveling consists of sand and crushed stone. The reinforcing bars shipped in concrete are applied to strengthening of a design.

Pile bases

The basis of such basis is made by the piles (established vertically or at an angle) which top parts are cut off at one level and connect a grillage.

Depending on an arrangement of elements of a design and a way of their fastening the pile bases are divided into the following types:

bush – support are established on several pieces in different places;

continuous (the pile field) – settle down very close among themselves;

single – settle down only on corners;

screw – «are screwed in» to the earth;

stuffed – are filled in to wells;

scored – are hammered into the earth.

Column bases

The basis is carried out in the form of a framework from rod posts with crossing points which settle down in any part of a framework (from below, from above or in the middle). Such bases can be either assembly, or monolithic too.

The choice of the base under a cottage

For the competent device of the base under a cottage it is necessary to decide on quality and composition of soil. In this case the main criteria for assessment are:

  • soil type
  • frost penetration depth
  • arrangement of ground waters
  • site relief.

Also materials of the base and its look matter in the Types Of Foundation Systems.