Types Of Foundation In Building And Construction

There are several kinds of the bases suitable for construction of a house/cottage. Each type has the reasons the not only design features, but also nuances of application. Serve as factors of the choice of this or that base: Characteristics of soil, namely its bearing ability. In other words, an opportunity to maintain certain loadings. Distinguish soil: rocky/stony (do not change characteristics under the influence of moisture, change of temperature condition), sandy ,clay (deeply freeze through and distend, can be diluted at plentiful moistening), peat (the drained swamps, reservoirs), loams, sandy loams (mix of particles of clay and sand, their behavior depends on balance of these components), .Frost penetration depth – in many respects depends on soil type. Such motions of soil (in particular in the spring) can push out the base, make impact on its gap in the horizontal and vertical direction. Now knowing about features of the choice of the basis for the house, it is possible to pass to the main types of the bases.

Types Of Foundation In Building And Construction
Should be noted that for construction of the private house, traditionally consider four main types of the bases: Column. Tape. Pile. Slabby.

The column base
The Device of such basis, represents system of rubble, stone or brick columns. Support are built with a step about 1,2 to 2,5 meters under the most responsible points of concentration of loadings of future house (crossing of walls, corners, in installation sites of the heavy boiler equipment, etc.). That to unite free-standing columns in a reliable design, banding beams atop keep within, thus the ready base turns out.

Features of the column base: Is suitable for the light soil not subject to a strong motions (especially in the horizontal plane). Perfectly proved in soil on condition of their deep frost penetration. The excellent decision for low construction (house from a bar, frame, panel board). The available cost, the minimum labor costs (in comparison with other types of the bases) Is not present need for the waterproofing device. It is used for houses without cellar. The reliable, inexpensive base, is actively applied in country construction.

The tape base
The Name of the base completely answers visual representation of its device. It is the reinforced concrete tape laid under all internal and external bearing walls of the house. The device of such basis demands carrying out bigger volume of earthwork and a consumption of building materials if to compare to a column analog.

Main advantages of the tape bases: universality (are suitable practically for any soil and a type of structures), and also a possibility of the device of a garage, the cellar, a cellar and a subfloor. Commercial Equipment Service

The pile base

This type of the basis is suitable for weak soil when it is necessary to transfer load from a structure to more dense beds. Also pile base is actively used for construction of houses on the area with biases, considerable roughness’s. Of course, it is possible to deliver soil and to prepare the site for construction. However use of piles will cost cheaper. Structurally the base represents separate piles which ogolovka are connected by a beam (grillage). Immersing each pile on settlement depth, it is possible to receive easily the equal horizontal plane of a grillage for construction of walls.

Slabby base (Swedish plate)

Massive and powerful basis for construction of brick, log, block houses. This type of the base still call floating and it can be applied practically on all soil . The monolithic reinforced concrete plate is cast on «pillow» under the size of the house or a little more. At soil motions, the base «floats» that keeps integrity of a structure.

In the end it would be desirable to note that the Types Of Foundation In Building And Construction
a house basis. You should not save on its construction.