Types Of Contracts In Interior Design


For arrangement of an interior in one of historical styles it is not obligatory to be the strict adherent of classical values at all – to possess a delicate taste enough, and also – the sense of proportion which is not allowing to turn premises into the stiffened museum exposition. The only condition which is laid down by historical styles of interiors – the big areas. It is quite real to recreate romantic luxury, respectable severity of the eras loved by you in a modern country mansion, spacious restaurant or in the big apartment.


The main difference of style vanguard in an interior from other styles of design – an emphasis on the contrast arresting attention, a combination incongruous, the conscious choice in favor of unusual. The minimum presence at furniture of rooms of objects of the modern art is necessary at least. Painting, plasticity, unusual forms of utilitarian objects – lamps, a ladder, accessories and objects of laying – all this is designed to become accents and at the same time – an integral part of an integral palette.


Respectability and splendor are present at daily life of the people choosing style an empire style in an interior. For realization of plans in this style the big areas are necessary. Agree, massive chairs with slips from gilding or bronze, the cases decorated with a carving in the form of the crossed swords and the chairs with legs in the form of paws of a lion or griffin collected on small space will remind a curiosity shop, but not the grandiose dining room or a drawing room.


Though the Latin word «antiquity» literally means «antiquity», the antique style in an interior recreating life of a cradle of the European culture – Ancient Greece – is quite utilitarian from a present position.

Antique style in a drawing room interior

Integrity, Types Of Contracts In Interior Design refinement and sense of proportion are obligatory during creation of an antique interior. Its construction begins with re-planning, – if, of course, you have no the studio apartment. It is necessary to get rid of a part of partitions even in a big country house – the center of an interior is the atrium, the spacious rectangular room in which day life of owners is made.


Passion and delicacy of the East, colorful asceticism of Japan, meticulousness of the Chinese life – depending on what is closer to you, you can equip the housing in one of ethnic styles. Today it is simple to get not just stylized things, and original products, including handwork. Advantages of ethnic interiors – a possibility of creation of the full-fledged atmosphere of a safari or a tea ceremony even in the small city apartment.


Validity, pedantry and respect for decencies – approximately such associations causes in us the English life. The English style in an interior means that designs play not smaller value, than a situation, first of all – walls. However they should not dominate, harmony in the atmosphere of the English house is especially important.

The English style in a drawing room interior

Modern materials open huge opportunities for full stylization under the English tastes: wooden panels with beautiful texture and very moderate decor, heavy wall-paper with the dense dense drawing and a relief, volume eaves and pilasters. A pertinent both general palette of walls, and their breakdown on three sectors, each of which is executed in various key: for example, combination of green, terracotta and ocherous draperies. Wall-paper can be «striped», and also with small heraldic symbols.


The firm rule of the device of interiors in ethnic style – the culture taken as a basis of filling of utilitarian space needs to be loved really, otherwise exotic motives will tire you soon. Besides, it is undesirable to dilute exotic styles with presence of objects of other execution even if are necessary or very are expensive to you. Let’s initially solve – whether completely we reproduce the African color or we only introduce its elements in style of art deco, etc.

The African style in an interior

On the one hand, the interior is dynamic, with another – it is in own way minimalist and rough, built on
contrasts of bright colors and the seeming primitiveness of a decor.


The fans of east material culture who are not giving preference to the concrete country especially will suit east style in an interior combining elements of original east, Asian and North African people.

east style in a drawing room interior.How to unite the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian motives? The wide field of activity limited only to own taste is provided to the owner of apartments here. However indispensable conditions Types Of Contracts In Interior Design: east materials – a tree, a bamboo, reed, metal, silk, east colors – saturated and bright, east forms – broken and openwork against the background of straight lines, east finishing – incrustations, a carving, a varnish, pastes and stones.