Types Of Cleaning Agents Used In Housekeeping Pdf

The recipe of cleaner for a bathtub

To take half-cups of baking soda. Stirring slowly, to add to it liquid soap or liquid detergent, before receiving creamy gruel. At will, to add 5 drops of antibacterial oil, such as a lavender, a tea tree, rosemary. To apply gruel on a sponge, to clean a surface, to wash away.

Remark: to keep the prepared product damp, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin and densely close a cover, otherwise, do so much product to use it for once.

2. Means for cleaning of glasses

* 1/4 — 1/2 teaspoons of liquid soap or detergent;

* 3 tablespoons of vinegar;

* 2 cups of water.

Mix everything in a spray.

Remark: addition of soap in means — is important — it deletes the smallest remains of wax which contained industrially made means for cleaning of windows. If not to add soap, then windows will be slightly muddy.

3. Means for cleaning of ovens

* Cup of baking soda;

* Water;

* to steam of teaspoons of liquid soap.

Moisten an oven bottom with water, fill a soda layer so that completely to cover a surface in the bottom of an oven. Again sprinkle water so that means turned into dense paste. Leave for the night. The next morning you will easily remove fat. When Types Of Cleaning Agents Used In Housekeeping Pdf you coped with the most unpleasant part, apply a little liquid soap on a baste and wash the fat remains. If the recipe did not work, so repeat everything, but now, increase amount of soda and/or water.

4. Universal cleaner

* 1/2 tea spoons of the washing soda;

* little liquid soap;

* 2 cups of hot water.

Fill in it in a spray and stir up that soda was dissolved. Use this cleaner as you would use any other cleaning means (few times to sprinkle a little a surface and to wipe it with a rag). When washing, use gloves.

5. Polish just for decoration

* 1/2 teaspoons olive or oils jojoba;

* 1/4 cups of vinegar or lemon juice;

* 10 drops of oil of a lemon (at will).

Mix ingredients in a glass decanter. Moisten a soft rag for polish in this means and wipe furniture. The means period of storage — is not limited.

6. Universal disinfectant

You store in kitchen a spray from 5% vinegar and, from time to time, process them chopping boards, surfaces of tables, bastes, etc.

It is not obligatory to wash away, it is possible even to leave the surface processed by vinegar for the night. The pungent smell of vinegar will disappear within several hours.

Vinegar it is also effective to process edges of a toilet bowl. Just sprinkle and wipe.

7. Means of fight against a mold

* 2 teaspoons of oil of a tea tree;

* 2 cups of water.

Fill in in a spray, stir up and splash on problem zones.

Remark: for more effective Types Of Cleaning Agents Used In Housekeeping Pdf dissolution of oil, pour a little alcohol or vodka on a spray bottom. The period of storage — is not limited.

As vinegar destroys 82% of a mold, it can also be used for these purposes. Pour vinegar in a spray and spray. The smell of vinegar will leave in several hours.