Top 10 ideas of how to arrange a bachelor’s apartment.

Bachelor’s apartment is always associated with a perpetual mess, ill-conceived zoning space downtrodden with sports memorabilia, remote controls, unfashionable furniture and gaudy paintings. But times have changed, and designers offer a new vision of bachelor’s lair.
There can be many apartments, but the bachelor’s lair — is the only place where a man can arrange everything to his taste. Its gives him a wonderful opportunity to put in his home all he wants, up to the billiard table.
You can only select what you want, ruthlessly rejecting the things you categorically do not like.

Among additional color schemes, styles of furniture, works of art, you can choose a lot of ways of space arrangement suitable for bachelors that are both beautiful and elegant, warm and welcoming.
The first step that needs to be done when you make a bachelor’s apartment — to abandon clichés. Of course, leather sofas just shout about masculinity, but there are many other materials suitable for man, but at the same time surprising and unusual. Velvet, boucle, flax — a great alternative to leather, high-quality and durable.
As for the color, the most popular among men is blue, but, nevertheless, it is most often used as a bright accent or muted background. Grey and brown are the classic male colors. They go perfectly with almost everything, creating a chic ambiance.

Most men think that tulle, curtains — are signs of femininity, so they leave the window in their apartment naked. Though windows are important in any room, reducing the acoustic permeability of the window, protecting furniture and / or carpets from sunlight.
To give windows masculine traits, pay attention to the heavy fabric or rough texture with geometric or striped pattern.
In spite of the selected style, the room should be kept clean. To do this you should give up large number of plants, knickknacks and decorative furnishings that accumulate dust.

Furniture is better to choose multi-function, such as trunk for storage of various details, simultaneously performing a function of a coffee table.
Between luxury and simplicity selection must be done in favor of the latter, and fine details must transmit the character of the owner.