Three recommendations for the finish of small apartment.

Restricting by any framework encourages people to interesting, innovative solutions. So, one can only marvel given what original designs created by skilled designers for small apartments in which, as they say, and turn something nowhere. It turns out that everything is not so difficult: you just need to think logically, do not be afraid to implement creative ideas and seek advice from leading artists, that you can find in our today’s article.
How to choose the style of interior design for small apartments
Even if you’re a conservative and supporter of the classics, it should be understood that in the small spaces traditionally bulky items interior would be inappropriate. Of course, not necessarily rush to extremes, making out their homes in eclectic style (especially since he, like classic, involves a large number of parts, which again did not appropriate in a confined space). But there are optimal solutions as the Scandinavian style, minimalist loft or through which you can effectively draw any room to visually enlarge it.
What should be avoided in the interior of a small apartment
First of all, the abundance of dark tones — they should be present in the interior exclusively for focusing on certain subjects. Otherwise, the apartment will seem even smaller and become gloomy. Use pastel shades, looking for an alternative to the achromatic colors. If possible, give up the Deaf piers — usually closely «kopeck piece» can be converted into a stylish, spacious studio apartment with mobile partitions or separate areas designated color or furniture. When choosing a color, you will be very useful map colors paints: with it, you’ll immediately see a combination of halftone and how they look together.

What we will need
Thinking outside the box. For example, the stereotype that the window must necessarily be drawn by a curtain, can be sent into oblivion if you like stilloft- it implies an open, large windows that let in a lot of sunlight.
Built-in and transforming furniture can also greatly simplify the task of creating a spectacular and ergonomic interior in a small apartment. Wardrobes, kitchen units, built in a large niche, a sofa-transformer, folding tables — all these ingenious inventions for us, seeking comfort in all conditions.

Mirrors and mirrored surface — is one of the main design tools for visual expansion space. Gloss repels light, filling them with all the room that it completely transforms. Matt surfaces, in turn, lights, on the contrary, absorb, so their use to a minimum.