Things that can make your sofa cozy.

Such things are elements which give the volume to the space, such as carpets, textiles, rugs and various textures — these are things that you can fill your room with to create a feeling of warmth. In fact, without such decorative things a warming drink and the fire will not create an atmosphere of hospitality.

Perfection of faded chintz, comfortable chairs, lots of soft pillows, flowers and books everywhere emphasize the delicious non-ideal At the same time, like a correctly disheveled hair, this effect can be recreated. These carelessly scattered cushions and seemingly random mix of patterns — a little deception, but one that in the course of the narrative becomes the truth. In other words, such things create a house that looks and loved, and it, in turn, becomes the loved and lived-in.

Cashmere made of the soft wool or cotton plaids — a kind of decorative elements that can travel from room to room on your shoulders. Since it is assumed that they are used, even thrown over the arm of the sofa, they say that in this room, you can find comfort.

If blankets warm person, then textiles warm the room. Textiles with a pattern is particularly good for people who find it difficult to choose the color — you can easily change these things, if you get tired of them. And for owners of monochrome sofas (they are the majority) it is enough to throw an interesting piece of fabric on them to give liveliness to a clumsy lump.
The reason for using textiles is to add to the interior an attractive pattern, element of handmade creativity or pretty floral motif. Antique fabrics are good because of the wealth of textures, but the same effect can be produced by homemade quilt or an old blanket of cotton.

Soft cushions
Accept the fact that decorative pillows — are not just decorative elements that can be neatly laid on the sofa. They give comfort, and therefore virtually every easy chair should have one, plus a few cushions on the sofa. Modest cushion has an amazing ability to set the tone for the entire room — and visually (cute!) And physically (comfortable and friendly!).
Pillow, leaning against the back of the chair or sofa should as though to invite to sit and be soft to succumb when you toss at it. This is the exact opposite of the hard, neatly arranged pillows that inhabit overly decorated rooms. We have met them: dense squares, filled to the limit. Such cushions exactly say, «Please do not sit down on me or at least do not touch me!»
Not sure if your cushions are soft enough? If family members and friends ignore them or push them away when sit down, or worse, remove them, if they want to get comfortable, it is likely that cushions are too hard or too many.

So what instantly creates a cozy atmosphere on the couch?
One blanket thrown over the middle of the back, plus two equal cushions in the corners plus a one rectangular cushion in the middle.