The use of ceramic tile decors when creating a kitchen backsplash.

One of the interesting methods of creating a kitchen backsplash is to use mosaic. Especially it is good to use when the wall is uneven. You can stack it as on the basis of the particular pattern and chaotic, creating your own interesting and original decoration.

Another important element of the decoration of the kitchen backsplash are various panels. It is desirable that such a panel would be combined with the color of the furniture in the kitchen, but at the same time often establish a panel which acts as a bright spot and immediately draws attention to itself. There are a number of panels with a variety of subjects: still life, landscapes, dishes, urban or suburban landscapes.

Recently, one of the fashion trends in the design when creating a backsplash in the kitchen, was the use of ceramic tiles, which after installation takes the form of old or fresh masonry. This tile kitchen backsplash with bricks can also be used to finish the whole kitchen.

Digital printing
With the emergence of new styles of Art Nouveau, Art — Deco, high — tech, ceramic tile manufacturers began to produce ceramics which have a photoelectric effect. Also often started using digital printing method that most accurately conveys the image without distortion.
Original ways of laying
In addition to ceramic tiles in straight rows, there are several different ways of arranging tiles. For example, using a mirror or glass refractory tiles, it can be laid as a series of straight lines and in a chaotic manner that provides an interesting visual effect.
A usual ceramic tiles can be placed perpendicular, diagonal or staggered.
To create an original pattern, ceramic tiles produced in different ways and use tiles of different sizes.

When using such methods of lining, be aware that using ceramic tiles and decorative elements of different caliber, you need to buy these products from the same manufacturer. In developing the collection, designers require to take into account the multiplicity of dimensions that would later be able to use tiles of different sizes and do not cut too much.