The original design of the backyard

Ideas to do anything inside or outside of the house with their own hands in recent years have changed dramatically. Creativity and video tutorials on the Internet allow homeowners to make repairs or to turn a modest interior luxury, even on a limited budget. Here are some samples of the available and low-cost design options of back yard decoration for the envy of all the neighbors.

1. Lighting of the yard
Even if someone is not familiar with the principles of solar energy, this technology makes it possible to organize the environmental lighting in the exterior of their home. First you need to change all the light bulbs to those that accumulate solar energy. To protect against moisture, it is necessary to put them in the lampshades or in a special box, if you want to hang them on the tree or on the wall. In the case of a wooden frame should make sure that they are safe to operate.

2. Mirrors to create the illusion of space in the garden
Mirrors are able to visually enlarge the space. Mirrors may be used itself or articles with reflective elements. You can, for example, install on the wall old frame with inserted mirrors instead of glass, all of which can create the illusion of expanded space.

3. Subjects with a smooth surface on the lawn
All with the same goal, the expansion of space, you can on the lawn near the house put a number of items with a smooth surface of different size or shape.

4. Large swings
Another simple idea. Take a few pitches, bring down the foundation of the boards and create a functional swing. The substrate may be made of old door. One must remember that the swing should be strong and safe.

5. Flowerpot with backlight
Even if you are not an avid gardener, you can install in the courtyard a few vases of different sizes. So that they acquire the ability to glow in the dark, you need to paint them with special paint.

6. Hammocks
Hammock — it is a good idea to design the recreation area in the summer. It can be easily done by hand, using wooden pegs and material foundations. In the land are driven 4 pegs. For bases of hammock is used an old blanket (or other strong material), which is attached to pegs.

7. Homemade water path
If your garden has a children’s slide, it is necessary to ensure a safe landing at descent. To do this, you can simply arrange a path for the water from the slip sheet and spray water. If no sprinkler, the same effect can be obtained by using tap water and a hose.

8. Fluorescent rings
Long summer evenings you can also enjoy playing fun, interactive and creative games in the yard. To do this, set in the courtyard a high wooden or metal pole on which you want to throw fluorescent ring.