The Most Common Types Of Houses In Italy

A small house in the beautiful picturesque place on the bank of the warm sea. Green lawns, bright sun, azure sky. An inexpressible smell of the blossoming fruit trees. Painting, music, architecture with the most ancient traditions. All this is Italy. Beautiful Italy which can leave nobody indifferent. The Italian style in architecture and in interior design is extraordinary many-sided. In each province of this solar country there are traditional lines of construction and registration of houses. These are the smart, abounding with luxury buildings to which simple rural lodges adjoin. Today the grandiosity and wealth paraded attract less delighted looks of Italians. Much more important for them in the modern house a cozy and comfortable situation where everything is subordinated to rules of functionality.

We suggest to consider one of projects of a country house in Italy.

Designers The Most Common Types Of Houses In Italy chose for work rural style with rustically elements. For facing of the house different types of a laying (brick and rubble) and plaster are outside used. They perfectly unite in design of one facade. The small territory in front of the house is decorated with a lawn, vegetable compositions in floor vases and green bushes:

Arch apertures – heritage of ancient Roman architecture – are supplemented with modern ways of a glazing and do not break harmony.

In the Italian patios reservoirs – an indispensable condition for good rest in the fresh air. As designers took as a project basis the principle of simplicity, the pool in this internal court yard of a simple rectangular shape.

For registration of internal furniture of the house according to rural traditions natural finishing materials, a natural wood furniture, shod elements are chosen. Everything emphasizes cozy simplicity in this house:

White sofa to the left of an arch window

For finishing of walls the way of mixture of impressive plaster with a stone laying is chosen. It is very popular reception in the Italian style. Similar deliberate gaucherie of walls emphasizes grace of other elements of a decor. Pay attention to the thin carpet imitating a skin of an animal, and elegant floor lamps:

Ceiling beams The Most Common Types Of Houses In Italy from the raw wood are rhymed with a floor covering and fill the room with natural heat. Slanted mansard ceilings are counterbalanced with decorative beams. Such ceiling design can be used for placement on it of lamps or jewelry

The shod spiral staircase draws attention with severity and elegance. Lack of elaborate carved elements does it to the most suitable to a situation:

Perfectly the modern furniture and rough wooden logs adapted for objects of a decor and furniture get on in an interior of the Italian house.

Also the workplace is originally issued. Instead of traditional desks and shelves with lockers the simple rack with table-tops on all wall is designed. He perfectly fits into the general situation and does it easier.
Along with demonstrative brutality of some elements, in an interior elegant pieces of furniture are used. Their grace is emphasized with the floor covering imitating a natural stone tile.

The Italian house is the embodiment of light and heat. Therefore in a country house in Italy decor designers chose very light paints as finishing: white, light gray, light brown. Dark details shade these colors and do not allow to become to an interior boring and monotonous.